Navigating the Dutch InfoTech Landscape: 15 Startups Transforming Information Services

From Digital Trading Platforms to AI-Powered SaaS Providers, The Netherlands is a Hotbed of Innovation in Information Services

The Netherlands’ burgeoning startup scene is witnessing a surge in innovative companies breaking new ground in the realm of Information Services. Here, we explore 15 such startups, each contributing unique solutions to the sector and helping define the future of digital business.


Vosbor, founded by Maarten Elferink, offers a digital grain & oilseed trading platform. It provides both spot and forward markets to reconcile trade data & securely share documents.


A zero-code SaaS platform, Sparkwise is dedicated to helping businesses become agile, intelligent, and resilient, offering a fresh take on how information services can optimize business operations.


Founded by Freek van Gool, Techspire is an IT company developing state-of-the-art IT solutions to create value for their customers, signaling a shift in how businesses use technology to enhance their operations.


ChemChain is a blockchain platform that allows product manufacturers to embed and control information in their products. This integration of blockchain and information services highlights the potential of distributed ledger technology.


A multimedia publisher for professionals and SME industries, MYbusinessmedia offers an innovative approach to the convergence of publishing and information services.


Scoutely, led by Peter van den Hoek, offers information and advisory services regarding startups and their collaboration for better decision-making and risk aversion.


Propeller is changing the way B2B commerce is done, highlighting the impact of information services on traditional commerce structures.

Gemeente Het Hogeland

A government agency that publishes information to keep citizens informed of the current news from the region, Gemeente Het Hogeland demonstrates how public entities are leveraging information services.

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Up Analytics

Under the leadership of Michel van Luijtelaar, Up Analytics is a marketing consultancy specializing in online marketing measurement, highlighting the increasing importance of data in marketing strategies.


Papablogger provides information on pregnancy, birth, and raising a child, showing how information services can have a significant impact on individual and family life.


HardMountain is a cloud-based Industrial IoT service provider. Its focus on enabling seamless global connectivity solutions for the IoT sector underscores the increasing relevance of information services in emerging technologies.


Frans, a travel agency, offers tourism-related services and information related to France via a platform for its clients. This innovative blend of travel and information services caters to the demands of the modern-day traveler.


Botobi is an online real estate agency providing real estate consulting and information services. The startup reflects how digital platforms are transforming traditional industries.


As a software development and design company, Engilutions signifies the intersection of information services and software development, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the digital world.

These 15 Dutch startups are driving innovation in information services, offering unique solutions that redefine traditional industry norms. By using technology to address business and societal challenges, they are shaping the future of the digital landscape, not just in The Netherlands, but globally.

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