Content Kings: Discovering The Netherlands’ Top 15 Startups Innovating in the Content Sphere

From AI-powered content creation to full-service marketing agencies, the Dutch Startup Scene is Paving the Way for the Future of Content

The Netherlands is home to a flourishing startup ecosystem, particularly in the content sector. With a range of innovative solutions from AI-powered content creation to full-service marketing agencies, these startups are shaping the future of content in exciting ways.

An advanced AI-powered market research and AI-content writer, is the brainchild of Harish Kumar and Vinita Singh. Designed for founders, marketers, and content writers, it is at the forefront of the AI and content creation industry.


A comprehensive digital marketing agency, BrainDonors is creating waves in the advertising, content creation, and email marketing sectors.

UTM Star

An online application that provides services ranging from social media management to tracking and content management, UTM Star is proving to be a key player in the content creation and management sphere.


Comarketers, a B2B growth marketing platform, is helping startups to scale up and accelerate their growth, focusing on the areas of content and digital marketing.


Founded by Martin Silvestre, Numbered is a creative agency offering services from consulting to brand strategy, website design, and content creation, making it a one-stop-shop for businesses looking to make their mark online.

Gemeente Het Hogeland

A government agency that publishes content to keep citizens informed, Gemeente Het Hogeland demonstrates the significance of content creation in public services.

Friends and Foes

With a keen focus on creative design, content development, and advertising, Friends and Foes helps brands develop through strategic marketing and digital services.

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As a full-service marketing agency, Viative delivers a wide range of solutions in content creation, social media management, and copywriting, proving to be a versatile player in the content industry.

Quantamix Solutions

Quantamix Solutions is another company harnessing the power of AI. Founded by Harish Kumar, this startup develops content automation AI software for founders, marketers, and copywriters.


A pioneer in the video content industry, Wrappt, founded by Nicholas James and Ryan Miller, specializes in developing a wide range of professional videos using smartphones.


DAYS of CONTENT is a content marketing agency that specializes in the strategic use of online advertising, emphasizing the symbiotic relationship between content creation and advertising.

Yellow Cat Five

Led by Joseph Vito DeLuca, Yellow Cat Five provides a holistic suite of services from strategy mapping and branding to content development, distribution, and PR.


D-Danja is an expert in the social media marketing field, providing content marketing services that help businesses reach their audience in a digitally native manner.

!Bewust sociaal op web

!Bewust sociaal op web provides an array of services from social media selling and content creation to web designing and lead generation, showcasing the comprehensive role content plays in digital services.

Hibe Media

Specializing in corporate branding, social media marketing, photography, printing, and content creation, Hibe Media is driving innovation in the content and advertising industry.

The diversity and innovation of these 15 startups highlight the dynamism of the Dutch content industry. Their groundbreaking work is not only contributing to the Dutch startup scene but is also setting the global trends in the content and marketing world.

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