The Zuid-Holland Marketing Magic: Discover the 15 Groundbreaking Marketing Startups in The Netherlands

An Insightful Exploration into the Dutch Startup Scene: Driving Marketing Innovation in Zuid-Holland

Zuid-Holland is currently buzzing with marketing startups that are revolutionizing how businesses connect with consumers. From AI-powered platforms to creative agencies, these 15 startups are shaping the future of marketing in the Netherlands.


Making automation human is the motto of Recruitsos. This startup, co-founded by Christiaan Haas, Fionna Faulk, and Marius V. Scrieciu, uses AI and big data to revolutionize HR processes, implementing machine learning, marketing automation, and other technologies.

Expanding the horizons of advertising, the AI-powered eye-tracking platform, co-founded by Coen Olde Olthof and Martijn Bakker, analyses images and videos with remarkable accuracy in just minutes.

Link Juice Club

Founders Jelle Kunen and Tim Teeuwen are guiding businesses to higher search engine rankings with Link Juice Club, which provides comprehensive off-site SEO services.


KO9 is an all-rounder in the marketing world, specializing in services ranging from advertising and sales to design, concept creation, and social media.

The Young Digitals

Sjoerd Hauptmeijer’s The Young Digitals is an online marketing agency offering a variety of services, including SEO, copywriting, and training services, molding the marketing world with youthful energy and modern techniques.


Qobalt is merging creativity and digital marketing, providing web design services alongside marketing strategies to enhance the digital presence of businesses.


Jetstart is an advertising company that provides services in web design, lead generation, and online marketing, showcasing a comprehensive approach to digital marketing.

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Comarketers is a B2B growth marketing platform that aids startups in scaling up and accelerating growth. This platform is an embodiment of the community spirit driving the startup ecosystem.


Teqst combines marketing expertise with translation services, offering SEO strategies and marketing techniques while ensuring businesses can connect with customers in their language.


Bi4odoo is offering innovative IT solutions to stimulate business growth, marking a merger between technology and direct marketing.


Connecting people who have successfully launched businesses, Forwardis uses data integration and IT to create a community of entrepreneurial success.


Ambition4Clients has developed a range of software for customer engagement, customer service, and marketing support, bridging the gap between marketing and customer service.


As a strategic design agency, Owtcome combines creative flair with marketing strategies to produce eye-catching advertising and effective digital signage.

The Artistry

From animations and graphic design to business cards and promotional ideas, The Artistry is painting a broad canvas in the marketing world, showcasing the power of creativity in advertising.

Atlas Sales Agency

Atlas Sales Agency is a marketing firm providing sales, street marketing, event recruitment, and creative campaigning services. They are making their mark in the marketing world by adopting a comprehensive, hands-on approach.

These 15 startups are not just reshaping marketing in Zuid-Holland, but setting trends for the global marketing industry. By harnessing technology, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit, they’re proving that the Dutch startup scene is a force to be reckoned with.

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