Is this Italian Company Revolutionising E-commerce Through AI and Big Data?

Key Takeaways

  • Extendi is an all-in-one tech service provider specializing in custom software, big data and analytics, web applications, and AI.
  • It is changing the landscape of e-commerce by applying AI and big data to offer a seamless and personalized shopping experience.
  • With partnerships with top-tier brands like Commerce Layer, Extendi provides a path to technological modernization for businesses of all sizes.


Based in Toscana, Italy, Extendi is a bespoke tech company revolutionizing the e-commerce landscape by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and custom software solutions. The startup is standing out in a crowd of conventional tech companies serving Europe by employing unconventional strategies, innovative solutions, and cutting-edge technologies.

By focusing on creating useful tools used by Fortune 500 companies for big data visualization and analysis, Extendi brings a whole new perspective to e-commerce and the online shopping experience. The company offers tailored solutions that enhance performance, ensure security, ramp up scalability, and offer a top-notch user experience for its clients.

What Differentiates Extendi?

Extendi’s defining traits lie in its robust and streamlined software solutions, which serve critical business needs across industries. Whether it’s developing future-ready web applications or delivering innovative AI solutions, Extendi has continually exhibited its knack for problem-solving and adaptability.

Moreover, through a successful partnership with Commerce Layer, Extendi has made a significant stride in e-commerce, offering solutions that help clients reach their customers at any point of the buying journey. By employing a simplified approach that ensures faster performance, Extendi helps businesses tackle big architectures, balance security, and ensure data scalability.

The Future of Extendi and its Industry

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As companies increasingly incorporate data-driven business models, the demand for bespoke AI and big data solutions is expected to continue rising. Extendi, through its expertise in these areas, is poised to be at the forefront of these technological advancements. By continuing to adapt and innovate, the company is set to stay a step ahead of industry trends, offering businesses the modern tools they need to successfully navigate the future of e-commerce.

The team at Extendi, led by founders Duccio Giovannelli, Matteo Alessani, and Simone Susini, is forging a path to technological modernization for businesses of all sizes. The future looks bright for Extendi and its industry. To keep up with their latest developments, follow Extendi on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Visit their website for more information.


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