Is Mobile Electrotherapy the Future for Pain Management and Muscle Regeneration?


    Key Takeaways
  • deTENS is a mobile platform for electrostimulation therapy.
  • Therapy includes physiotherapy for rehabilitation and pain relief, sports regeneration and muscle toning, and relaxation massage.
  • deTENS has the potential to revolutionize mobile-based physiotherapy.
  • The startup is based in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


Let’s turn our attention to a promising startup, deTENS, based in the heart of Slovenia, Ljubljana. deTENS is exploring a groundbreaking area in the medical and therapeutics industry — mobile electrotherapy. With their innovative product, the company represents a fresh approach to pain management and muscle regeneration, thus answering the question, “Is Mobile Electrotherapy the Future for Pain Management and Muscle Regeneration?”

This revolutionary technology uses an application interfaced with your smartphone that can turn it into an electrotherapy device. With deTENS, gadget communicates with your smartphone or tablet via a Bluetooth connection that in turn, provides an electrostimulation therapy.

Differential Analysis

Setting deTENS apart is the breadth and depth of therapies it is capable of offering. By using four channels of gel electrodes placed on the human body, deTENS stimulates muscles and nerves for various purposes: faster rehabilitation post-injury, pain relief, muscle toning, and even relaxation massages. The technological aspect does not stop there. A free application on the smart device offers multiple therapies for different purposes, all stored in a secure cloud.

deTENS also vastly improves the patient-physiotherapist relationship. Therapy logs stored in the cloud can be sent to a physiotherapist for analysis, while a virtual 3D human body inside the application allows them to demonstrate the optimal electrode placement for the desired effect of the treatment. This feature allows for virtual appointments and can drastically cut down on clinic visits.

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deTENS and its innovative technology could potentially be a game-changer, shaping the future of physiotherapy and sports medicine by making mobile electrotherapy accessible and user-friendly. The personalized data analysis it provides to both users and therapists enhance rehabilitation processes and contribute to a more holistic approach to therapy. This could revolutionize not only how we manage pain and muscle regeneration but also how we perceive wellness and healthcare.

Founded by Egidij Vencelj, Gregor Treska, Mateja Kovac and Mija Cevzar, the future looks promising for deTENS. We’ll be closely watching how they continue to disrupt the industry with their cutting-edge, mobile electrotherapy solution. To learn more about this outstanding startup, you can visit their website, or follow them on Twitter and Facebook.


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