Is This Independent Distributor the Key to Robust European IT Security?

Key Takeaways:

  • Ectacom GmbH is an independent IT and data security solutions distributor based in Hohenbrunn, Bayern, Germany.
  • They specialize in different services such as basic security, secure enterprise file sharing, collaboration, IT-GRC, data loss prevention, ICS & SCADA-systems security and threat intelligence.
  • The startup supports its partners to develop infrastructure and optimize processes to ensure security and compliance.
  • They offer value added services like product evaluation, consulting, installation, configuration, implementation, support and trainings.

As the world becomes more technologically advanced, the importance of IT and data security has increased. One startup that is making strides in this aspect is ectacom GmbH. Based in Hohenbrunn, Bayern, Germany, ectacom is an independent distributor for IT and data security solutions, guarding against sabotage, espionage and cyber crime. Their mission is to protect companies of any size and industry against known and new threats.

Founded by the Eichinger brothers, ectacom positions itself as a business-developer focusing on visionary technologies. They also see themselves as a sourcing-expert and technology-enabler for partners, supporting them to develop infrastructure and optimize their processes ensuring optimal security and compliance. Their portfolio is far-reaching, with branches catering to various security needs.

Ectacom sets itself apart from other IT security firms by acting not only as a distributor but also as a proactive partner for businesses. The startup’s strength lies in their versatility. Not only do they offer fundamental security services like anti-virus, malware protection, firewalls, patch & device management but also advanced services like secure enterprise file sharing and collaboration, IT-GRC featuring data classification, rights-management, audits and pen testing, data loss prevention and security for ICS & SCADA-systems.

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Adding more value to their services, they also offer threat intelligence and response services for SOCs & CERTs. These inclusions show that ectacom isn’t just about distributing security solutions, but also about educating and assisting businesses in implementing these solutions to navigate the fraught landscape of IT security.

In a world where IT security is of paramount concern, ectacom’s forward-thinking approach positions them uniquely within the growing market. Their comprehensive portfolio paired with their business-development and technology-enabling focus make them a robust choice for businesses across Europe looking to secure their data and IT infrastructures.

With cybersecurity continuing to be a critical concern for businesses the world over, and Europe in particular, the services of a company like ectacom will only increase in demand. Given ectacom’s strategic position and comprehensive portfolio, it’s clear to see that they are poised to have a significant impact on European IT security. To keep up with ectacom, follow them on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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