Ireland’s Financial Frontiers: 15 Startups Redefining the Future of Fintech

Leading the Charge in Financial Innovation: A Closer Look at Ireland's Cutting-Edge Financial Services Startups

Ireland, a global hub for technology and innovation, is home to a vibrant financial services sector. A new breed of startups is revolutionising how individuals and businesses manage their finances. Here, we highlight 15 of the most exciting financial services startups hailing from Ireland.


Fonoa, founded by Davor Tremac, Filip Sturman, and Ivan Ivankovic, is an API-first company that automates tax obligations of internet companies. This startup showcases the potential of APIs to automate and streamline financial processes.

Javelin Payments

Javelin Payments is a mobile payment platform that offers dashboard card monitoring, billing, and payment invoicing solutions. This mobile-centric approach reflects the growing dominance of mobile technology in the financial services sector.

Investec Europe

Investec Europe provides currency risk management, corporate finance and advisory, and venture capital. Their comprehensive financial services portfolio underscores the breadth of modern financial services.


viepal is a smartphone app offering financial services to SME’s throughout Europe. Their focus on SMEs underlines the increasing accessibility of financial services for businesses of all sizes.


Argeau specialises in investment, wealth management, and financial services, showcasing the enduring importance of wealth management in the financial services sector.

Hotspot Cover

Hotspot Cover provides high-risk travel and medical insurance, addressing a crucial need for travellers and emphasising the role of insurance within the broader financial services industry.

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Method Capital

Method Capital, founded by Doug Farrell, Fintan Whelan, and Wayne Byrne, offers non-dilutive capital to accelerate the adoption of climate solutions. This unique approach links financial services with sustainability, highlighting the sector’s role in promoting sustainable development.

Foxrock Quant Fund

Foxrock Quant Fund, founded by Marcus Brennan, develops a trade execution engine supporting any number of strategies and multiple brokerage accounts. Their focus on trading platforms illustrates the increasingly digital nature of financial transactions.


Founded by Ignacio Vidal and Raquel Arias, ARM offers a fully scalable platform to automate process issue identification for financial compliance. This approach highlights the importance of regulatory compliance in financial services.

S Ryan Invest

S Ryan Invest provides research and investment consulting to various professionals and associations, demonstrating the continued demand for informed financial advice.

Fido Merchant Services

Fido Merchant Services offers trading, forex card, and various payment services. This suite of services highlights the diverse payment options available in today’s financial services industry.

Cassidy Accounts

Cassidy Accounts offers affordable bookkeeping services in South Dublin, showcasing the essential role of accounting within the financial services sector.

Mortgage Buddy

Mortgage Buddy offers services related to mortgages and financial, life, and illness covers. Their focus on mortgages underscores the importance of this financial service in today’s economy.

Advance Financial Services

Advance Financial Services provides advisory services in the insurance and mortgage sectors. Their expert advice exemplifies the valuable role of consultation in financial decision-making.

Irish Banking Culture Board

The Irish Banking Culture Board is an independent organisation offering insights into banking culture and consumer trust. Their work highlights the importance of trust and transparency in the financial services sector.

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These 15 Irish startups are leading the charge in financial innovation, redefining how we interact with financial services. Their creative approaches and robust solutions underline the critical role of the financial services sector in shaping a prosperous economic future

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