Startup Showcase: Civitanavi Systems – Inertial Navigation and Stabilization Systems for Industrial and Defense Use

Civitanavi Systems is an Italian company that specializes in the design, development, manufacture, and service of inertial navigation and stabilization systems. With a team of world-leading experts in inertial technology and a strong focus on innovation, Civitanavi Systems has quickly established itself as a principal player in the provision of high-tech solutions for both industrial and defense use.

Innovative Solutions for Inertial Navigation

Civitanavi Systems provides innovative solutions for inertial navigation, geo-reference, and stabilization systems. The company’s products are designed to meet the needs of both industrial and defense applications, and include a range of sensors, navigation software, and manufacturing processes. Civitanavi Systems’ inertial navigation and stabilization systems are used in a variety of industries, including mining, oil, and gas, as well as in the naval, land, and air domains.

Expertise in Inertial Technology

Civitanavi Systems has quickly developed and assembled a team of world-leading experts in inertial technology. The company’s team has a solid background in the design and development of inertial sensors, navigation software, certification, and manufacturing processes. This expertise is a key factor in Civitanavi Systems’ success, as it allows the company to develop innovative solutions that meet the needs of its customers and end-users.

Domestic and International Market Presence

Civitanavi Systems is an Italian company that provides inertial solutions domestically and has developed an international market for its specialized products. The company has acquired customers and end-users for its inertial products in both industrial and defense applications in a relatively short time. Civitanavi Systems is a privately held company owned by Civitanavi Systems Ltd (Holding company) and Fondazione Marche. The company combines an international pool of strategic investors of the holding company as well as local support of successful entrepreneurs and national bank networks from Fondazione Marche.

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Civitanavi Systems is a pioneering company that is redefining the way we navigate and stabilize in both industrial and defense applications. With a focus on innovation, expertise in inertial technology, and a strong domestic and international market presence, Civitanavi Systems is well-positioned to become a leading player in the inertial navigation and stabilization systems industry. Whether you’re in the mining, oil, and gas industry or the naval, land, and air domains, Civitanavi Systems has the solutions you need to navigate and stabilize with precision and reliability.




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