E-Commerce Enthusiasm: Madrid’s 15 Startups Reinvigorating Online Retail

Spotlight on Madrid's E-Commerce Scene: Dynamic Startups Transforming How We Shop Online

Madrid, the bustling heart of Spain, is witnessing a surge of e-commerce startups reshaping the online shopping experience. Here, we introduce 15 innovative startups that are driving the e-commerce revolution in the Spanish capital.


Founded by Adolfo Delibes and Ignacio Posadas Pinedo, Bechester offers “Furniture that fits your life.” The startup melds the worlds of e-commerce and furniture, illustrating the broad range of products now available through online shopping.


Uelz, established by Maria Luque and Xandra Etxabe Arroyo, is a platform that automates and routes payment collection by integrating with multiple payment gateways. It demonstrates the growing importance of fintech within e-commerce platforms.


Hangry, led by Maurice Karam and Wassim Berro, connects brands with Uber and Cabify passengers, transforming rides into a mobile marketplace. This unique approach showcases the fusion of e-commerce and ride-sharing technologies.


JUEGOS.GAMES, founded by Suman Balakrishna, offers free online games, combining e-commerce with the burgeoning online gaming industry.


CREATE offers an online store for home appliances, air conditioners, and electronics. Its focus on technology products underlines the convenience and variety of online shopping platforms.

Ouh Lo Là

Founded by Lola Ribas, Ouh Lo Là provides a dedicated e-commerce platform for fashion services, highlighting the increasing intersection of fashion and online retail.

Scenikus Global Artist

Scenikus Global Artist offers website services that connect artists with users for online ticket booking and purchasing, illustrating the extended reach of e-commerce into the entertainment industry.

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Vanessium is a Spanish luxury suncare brand, showcasing how e-commerce platforms can cater to niche markets and specialty products.


PetGround is an online marketplace providing natural products for pets. This focus emphasizes the increasing trend of e-commerce platforms catering to pet owners.

Stock Brutal

Stock Brutal is an online seller of bags, caps, and accessories, reflecting the appeal of e-commerce for the fashion accessory industry.

TienDental dental products

TienDental offers an online store for dental products, showing the potential for e-commerce platforms to provide specialized medical and health products.

Lovit App

Lovit App is an e-commerce platform for clothes and fashion products, showing the continued popularity of online fashion retail.


Shopiflat is a technical partner in Shopify, helping businesses establish their online stores, illustrating the behind-the-scenes tech powering the e-commerce boom.

Mamparas Ducha Online

Mamparas Ducha Online is an online shop selling bath and shower screens, trays, and bathroom furniture, highlighting the wide array of home products now accessible through e-commerce.

Paul Jarrel

Paul Jarrel is an online marketplace offering watches for men and women, showcasing the luxury goods market’s move towards e-commerce.

These 15 startups based in Madrid are charting the future of e-commerce, creating new and exciting ways for consumers to shop online. From fashion to home appliances, games to specialized products, they offer a glimpse into the future of e-commerce and the endless possibilities it holds.

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