Incredible Business Gesture: Employees Win Big as Soccer Stars Shine

Celebrating Football Triumph with A Day Off - A Unique Corporate Gesture

Key Takeaways:

  • An innovative digital raffle company celebrates the anticipated success of the Lionesses by gifting employees a day off.
  • The young entrepreneur behind the enterprise emphasizes giving back and expressing gratitude.
  • The raffle platform’s tremendous success sees over £600,000 raised for charity in 2023 alone.

Kicking off the Celebrations Right!

Amidst the electrifying buzz of the FIFA Women’s World Cup, one company has found a unique way to marry corporate success with sports fever. Recognizing the stunning achievements of the Lionesses, a leading UK digital raffle platform has decided to bestow its hardworking employees with a memorable gift: a day off following the Women’s Final on August 20th.

Not Just Any Company, But One with Heart

Raffolux isn’t your typical raffle platform. Birthed from the innovative vision of its youthful founder Gerry Lianos at the age of 27, this platform isn’t merely about winning; it’s about giving. By revitalizing the age-old raffle system, the platform crafts a thrilling experience where participants stand to win jaw-dropping prizes while contributing to noteworthy causes.

A Charitable Vision: Beyond the Prizes

More than just a space to try one’s luck, Raffolux stands on the pillars of philanthropy. The platform extends its users the privilege to dictate the destination of their funds. This approach has fostered robust partnerships with esteemed charities such as Alzheimer’s Society, Mental Health UK, and Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity. Every ticket purchased nudges a step closer to making a significant societal impact.

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Gerry Lianos: The Heart Behind Raffolux

A narrative about Raffolux is incomplete without the heartwarming tale of its founder. From his tender years, Gerry was driven by an innate urge to give back. His involvement in altruistic endeavours, from volunteering to fundraising, painted his early life. Today, through Raffolux, he channels this passion on an enormous scale, recognizing and rewarding his team’s relentless efforts that fuel the company’s massive successes.

Milestones and Mountains Conquered

2023 has unfurled as a landmark year for Raffolux. The numbers are staggering: over £10 million in prizes distributed to a whopping 42,000+ winners, and a monumental sum of £600,000 collected for charitable purposes. Such achievements render this company not merely as a commercial entity, but as a beacon of hope and joy for countless individuals.

A Snapshot of Raffolux’s Journey

In just four years since its inception, Raffolux has experienced a meteoric rise, evolving into the UK’s premier digital raffle operator. The company’s ethos is simple: dreams shouldn’t be exclusive. This mantra echoes in every raffle they conduct, providing participants the chance to realize their aspirations, be it exotic holidays, swanky vehicles, or cutting-edge gadgets. With a whopping £9.7M worth of prizes already dispatched, Raffolux’s community is 100,000 strong and counting. Their influence extends to forging lasting collaborations with premier brands, such as John Lewis, Virgin Experiences, and Dyson.

The Future: A Vision Painted in Charitable Hues

As Raffolux expands its horizons, it aims to revolutionize the conventional raffle experience, aiming to nurture an ecosystem of thousands of winners every year. Their ambitious roadmap targets raising over £1M annually for noble causes by 2025.

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Closing Thoughts:

As businesses grapple to find ways of expressing gratitude to their employees, Raffolux’s recent gesture underscores the power of innovative thinking. By combining corporate appreciation with the infectious enthusiasm of a soccer championship, the company has set a precedent that others might soon follow. In the realms of corporate culture and philanthropy, Raffolux emerges as a glowing torchbearer.


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