How Is Transforming Gig Listing Impacting the Global Independent Music Scene?

In a world where independent musicians continue to grow and build their brand, one platform is revolutionizing the way these artists thrive in the global music scene. Introducing Berlin-based startup Live Unsigned, an innovative gig listing site that caters specifically to unsigned and non-major label acts. This game-changing platform is not just facilitating connections between artists and concert venues, it is also revolutionizing the way potential fans discover new music.

Live Unsigned distinguishes itself from similar platforms by employing a unique wiki-style format. Users, who register or log in through Facebook, gain access to post, edit or comment on gig listings and profiles of bands or venues. The site allows punters to search for shows by location, tag cloud or date and even allow them to add new places not yet in the database. More so, Live Unsigned frequently updates show listings, providing direct access to global independent music events. Notably, it places significant focus on London and Berlin- two thriving cities in the music industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Live Unsigned is transforming the global independent music scene by providing a platform for unsigned and non-major label acts to connect with potential performance venues.
  • The platform uses a unique wiki-style format where users can post, edit, contribute or comment on gig listings or profiles of bands and venues.
  • Users can search for shows by location, date, tag cloud, or artist names, providing a comprehensive search experience.

What draws attention to Live Unsigned is not only the readily accessible gig listings but their added music feature. Once artists have added a song to their profile, the show listings become a sampling ground where users can have a quick listen, adding an interactive experience for music lovers. Furthermore, artists can add their ustream channel so people can watch their shows online, creating a perfect blend of listing service and gig broadcasting.

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Another differential of Live Unsigned is its plan to employ gig enthusiasts in major urban areas to oversee the listing in their region, serving in roles similar to Wikipedia managers. This move will enhance user engagement, and ensure listings of gigs from every region get represented accurately.

Looking at the future, there’s a lot of potential for Live Unsigned. With the rise and acceptance of digital platforms and the growing number of independent artists, the startup has a chance to truly integrate itself into the independent music scene on a global scale. It could also evolve its features, perhaps including more social elements or providing additional resources for artists looking to get their foot in the door in the music industry.

Stay connected with Live Unsigned on Twitter and refer to their website for the latest listings and updates. As Live Unsigned continues to grow and innovate, they are set to have an even bigger impact on the global independent music scene.

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