How is Blockchain Revolutionizing for the Global Travel Industry?

Key Takeaways:

  • Onlife is a groundbreaking blockchain-based mobile app for travellers and businesses, with a strong focus on rewarding user reviews and promoting genuine experiences.
  • Onlife employs novel multi-layered methods to ensure only genuine reviews are shared, utilizing geolocation, community trust ratings, regular revisions, decentralized blockchain validations, and a one-smartphone-one-account policy.
  • This startup aims to level up the game in the highly competitive travel and lifestyle industries by providing a unique means for businesses to attract new clientele and for users to be rewarded for their contributions.
  • Despite being quite new in the industry, Onlife has already contracted over 300 businesses primarily in Moscow and received multiple requests from other cities and countries.
  • Future plans include integration for booking and purchasing airline tickets, interactive travel maps for each user, and a collaboration with WHO for restaurant safety evaluations post-quarantine.


Dedicated to revolutionizing the way we travel, explore, and share our experiences, Estonian startup “Onlife” has crafted a promising mobile application based on blockchain technology. This unique app merges travel, social networking, ticketing, and mobile payment aspects, encouraging users to tag their favourite places and earn income along the way. This approach not only benefits users with rewards but also provides businesses with effective advertising and a well-targeted, high-quality client traffic.

Unlike traditional platforms, Onlife has integrated the trust, security, and immutability of blockchain technology to maintain reliability and transparency with its user-base. Integrating blockchain also gives Onlife the edge in combating the prevalent issue of fraudulent or biased reviews—a common problem in the travel and lifestyle industry.

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Onlife’s differential lies in its innovative six-tier protection against fake content. The app ensures that only users who have physically visited a location can leave feedback. The feedback, secured by blockchain validation, contributes to a location’s reputation and the community trust rating of the reviewer. Additionally, frequent random inspections, analytics-based blocking, and a rigid one smartphone-to-one account rule all contribute to maintain an environment that is both fair and dependable.

Another remarkable feature of the app is its reward system. Users are incentivized with bonuses for their reviews and recommendations. A bonus equates to a dollar and can be used for payments within the application, transferred to accounts of other users, or even converted into cash. Onlife’s commitment to offering both individual users and businesses a robust, transparent platform has already resulted in a flourishing community engagement rapidly growing day by day.


As we look towards the future, the influence of blockchain in mobile apps for the travel industry seems to be gaining momentum and startups like Onlife are leading the charge. The company has a promising road ahead, with the application set to be released on the App Store in June this year and an Android version launching in the fall. With plans to integrate features such as ticket booking, interactive personal travel maps, and safety evaluations in collaboration with the WHO, Onlife could rapidly evolve into a major player in the global travel industry.

You can follow Onlife’s journey on their website, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. With a dedicated team headed by founders Eduard Sinelnikov and Maksim Ureyski, Onlife is a promising example of blockchain’s disruption in the travel industry.

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