Startup Showcase: Beez, Disrupting Consumer Finance with Tech

Reshaping How People Shop and Finance Their Spending

In our Startup Showcase at, we bring you the exciting and innovative stories of startups making a real impact. Today, we shine a spotlight on Beez, a game-changing mobile app startup hailing from Cluj-napoca, Cluj, Romania. Beez is on a mission to transform the consumer finance market, revolutionising how people shop and finance their spending while disrupting the credit card industry.

Changing the Consumer Finance Paradigm

Beez aims to make the “buy now, pay later” model not just accessible, but also advantageous for the consumer. With its bold, NO interest, NO late fees, NO commissions approach, Beez is revolutionising how people finance their online shopping.

Beez’s mobile app targets consumers who shop online and finance their purchases with credit cards. The problem Beez is tackling is substantial, with 70% of credit card owners ending up paying interest, often starting from 25% and even reaching up to 50%. Beez addresses this issue by eliminating the bank from the traditional user-bank-retailer equation. Instead, Beez supports the financing costs of these loans directly from the retailer as a wholesale discount.

Revolutionising Retail with Beez

Beez isn’t just changing things for consumers; it’s also transforming the retail sector. The benefits Beez offers to retailers include increased sales, loyal customers, and a recovery increase on abandoned carts. By allowing consumers to finance their purchases interest-free, Beez incentivises customer loyalty and increases the likelihood of completed purchases.

Delivering Credit Card Benefits Without the Costs

Despite removing the bank from the equation, Beez offers the same benefits consumers have come to expect from credit cards. This includes cash back on every transaction and an automated savings solution. What sets Beez apart is the ability to provide credit at the point of sale with NO interest. Consumers receive the products and pay Beez back within 60 days, at no extra cost.

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In a world where financial freedom and savvy spending are increasingly vital, Beez is leading the way with a unique, user-friendly solution. The company’s innovative approach is making a significant impact on consumer finance, offering a disruptive alternative to traditional credit cards.


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