How Can IoT Agriculture Innovations Solve Global Water Scarcity Crisis?

A global water scarcity crisis is challenging farmers and growers globally to optimise their water use and prevent excess irrigation. This problem requires cutting-edge solutions. Enter Sensoterra a Amsterdam-based startup with an impressive solution to these water-related challenges, using IoT (Internet of Things) technology.

Sensoterra produces wireless, a low-cost soil moisture sensor that empowers farmers to irrigate their crops effectively, conserve water, reduce the costs associated and increase yields. But what sets Sensoterra apart in the sector of AgTech startups? And what potential does this innovative company have?

  • Key Takeaways
  • Sensoterra produces a IoT-based wireless, cost-effective soil moisture sensor that aids efficient crop irrigation.
  • Agriculture, which consumes 70% of the world’s water supply, has a crucial role in addressing the global water scarcity crisis.
  • The technology can result in water use reductions of up to 30%, aiding the mission of achieving ‘value per drop’.
  • Sensoterra has the potential to disrupt the agriculture industry by promoting sustainability and efficiency.

Sensoterra is founded by Eduard Zanen, Erik Damen, Jurriaan Ruys, and Mark Ruys, who saw the potential of IoT for agriculture. Recognizing that the vast majority of growers over-irrigate by up to 60%, the team set out to create a low-cost sensor that could provide the farmers with a real-time understanding of their crops’ conditions. The use of such technology can reduce water usage by up to 30%. By doing so, they are leading the charge in transforming the agriculture industry into a more efficient, sustainable sector.

The unique factor of Sensoterra is its practical and scalable solution to a severe global issue, achieved by blending hardware and software into an easy-to-use tool. By committing to a goal of adding ‘value per drop’ to water usage, the startup doesn’t just enable more efficient watering practices, but contributes to a broader societal effort to alleviate water scarcity.

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As the global focus on sustainability continues to grow, startups like Sensoterra are likely to play an essential role in redefining industries. With agriculture consuming such a significant portion of the world’s water supply, the company is strategically positioned to drive change not just for growers, but for entire communities that share in freshwater consumption.

Given the increasing global demand for both food and water, the future for Sensoterra and their industry promises to be both challenging and rewarding. The startup is a testament to what can be achieved when innovative thinking is applied to pressing global issues. You can explore more about Sensoterra and their mission on their website and their social media channels on Twitter and Linkedin.

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