How is Advanced Analytical Instrumentation Transforming Industrial Engineering in Europe?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Perten Instruments is a global leader in advanced analytical instrumentation for the quality control of grain, flour, food, and feed.
  • The Stockholm-based startup has pioneered methods in grain and flour testing, significantly improving quality control in these industries.
  • Acquired by PerkinElmer Inc in 2014, Perten Instruments has expanded its reach worldwide and continues its commitment to R&D.
  • The company represents a significant part in the transformation of industrial engineering across Europe.

The world of industrial engineering has seen significant transformations in the past decade, with the advent of advanced analytical instrumentation playing a crucial role. At the forefront of this evolution is Perten Instruments, a Stockholm-based company that specialises in providing sophisticated testing tools for quality control in diverse sectors ranging from grain and flour to food and feed.

Established in 1962 by Harald Perten, Perten Instruments carved out a unique niche in the European market with its commitment to innovation, high performance, and continuous development. The company’s global presence, bolstered by its acquisition by PerkinElmer Inc in 2014, positions it as a key player in the transformation of industrial engineering in Europe and beyond.

Perten Instruments stands out for its pioneering work in methods like the Falling Number method and the Glutomatic method, inventions that have paved the way for remarkable advancements in grain and flour testing. By prioritizing R&D, it has developed highly advanced Near-Infrared (NIR) instruments that have revolutionised the way quality control is conducted in the industries it serves.

Additionally, its comprehensive product range following the acquisition of Newport Scientific in 2007, which includes instruments for rheological testing and dough characterization, further differentiates Perten Instruments in the market. These pioneering products and techniques have not only elevated quality control standards in the relevant industries but also underlined the integral role Perten Instruments has in transforming industrial engineering.

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The future of Perten Instruments is inseparably linked with the future of industrial engineering. As the company continues to push the boundaries of analytical instrumentation, the ripple effects are felt across the sector, driving it toward smarter and more efficient quality control. As a part of PerkinElmer, Perten is even better positioned to drive transformative change in the industry, utilizing high levels of investment and global reach.

With its innovative spirit, commitment to research and development, and wide-ranging product portfolio, Perten Instruments is undoubtedly contributing to the reshaping of European industrial engineering. Find out more about Perten Instruments on their website and follow their updates on LinkedIn.

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