How Can AI Revolutionise Mobile Gaming Retention Through Difficulty Balancing?

Key Takeaways

  • by Happy Blue Fish is an AI-SaaS Difficulty Balancing solution that aims to improve player retention in mobile games
  • The company develops tools for data-driven difficulty tuning and real time player personalization to increase retention and revenues
  •’s solution is easy to set up with one simple SDK and requires no additional setups
  • The company’s focus on every player counts reflects its commitment to increasing diversity in game experiences
  • Signing up at is free.

Mobile gaming is a lucrative market, but it remains a formidable challenge for game studios to retain players. The key puzzle to solve here is difficulty balancing – a delicate art in game designing. Enter, a startup by Happy Blue Fish based in Rennes, Bretagne, France, which has raised the bar in leveraging artificial intelligence to achieve this balance and retain players.

As per, conventional game analytics tools are complex to set up and difficulty values take considerable time for testing, and retesting. However, their AI solution promises to iron these probrems and brings an approach drastically different to the regular ‘one size fits all’ stratedy. The algorithm feeds on player data to deliver optimal difficulty tuning for individual game stages.

In a saturated mobile game industry, distinguishes itself by blending artificial intelligence and SaaS to offer solutions that lead to more engaging and sustainable gaming experiences. The secret of’s sauce is two pronged – first is simplifying and optimizing game difficulty tuning, and the second is real-time player personalization. These features are enveloped in an easy-to-install software solution that is designed to not only keep players hooked but also increase the studio’s revenues.

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Furthermore, in catering to mobile players’ diverse needs and preferences, recommends ideal difficulty levels in real-time. The overarching philosophy of the company being – Every Player Counts® – underlines the inclusive gaming experiences the company strives for.

With gaming studios under constant pressure to attract and hold onto a diverse and fickle gamer audience, the future of seems promising. Their pioneering work in using AI for difficulty balancing in mobile games could revolutionize the industry by improving player retention while offering an enhanced gaming experience. The combination of machine learning, gaming, and SaaS expertise could position as a game-changer in the years to come.

With the potent blend of AI and real-time player personalization, is already attracting attention from gaming studios across the globe. Find out more about this innovative industry game-changer on their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages or visit their website to sign up for free.

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