Can Gamification Revolutionise Enterprise Software and Management Consulting?


Can the concept of gamification truly revolutionise the way enterprise software and management consulting is understood, adopted and executed in modern businesses? Venture Spirit, a Belgium based start-up, poses this interesting question as it navigates the world of business transformation and innovation through gamification.

Founded by Dominique Buyse and Stefan Triest, Venture Spirit has found a unique and compelling way to tackle real-life strategic challenges – through the power of gamified collaboration platforms. The question arises whether Venture Spirit’s business model can changing the course of the industry and grab a significant slice of the market. Will a game-based approach be enough to position the company ahead of its competitors?

  • Key Takeaways:
  • Venture Spirit leverages the concept of gamification for business transformation and innovation.
  • High participation level and positive feedback from participants indicate high satisfaction rates and repeat engagement.
  • Quick and visible results are possible through Venture Spirit’s managed service model.
  • Customers including Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, TE Connectivity, Philips, Siemens have experienced breakthrough innovation following the Venture Spirit approach.
  • On average, a Venture Spirit game can lead to a number of plans within weeks, generating significant value in revenue and profit growth.

The key differentiation for Venture Spirit lies in their ability to engage diverse crowds of hundreds or even thousands of people to jointly tackle real-life strategic challenges. By implementing innovative online platforms that incorporate elements of Venture Capital market metaphors and co-creation, they have achieved impressive active participation levels of up to 30%.

Further, over 85% of the participants have stated they would come back to participate again, demonstrating high satisfaction rates. This is no mean feat, considering the large demographic scale and diverse industries that Venture Spirit caters to. Boasting an impressive portfolio of clients such as Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, TE Connectivity, Philips and Siemens further cement their credibility and demonstrates the trust that large corporations place in their unique methodology.

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Looking at the future, Venture Spirit possesses massive potential to not only redefine the enterprise software and management consulting industry but also to create a widespread impact across various sectors and organizations. The gamification approach utilised by Venture Spirit gives them an edge over traditional management consulting firms by offering a novel yet effective solution to tackle the age-old challenge of engaging and retaining participant attention – a critical aspect in ensuring the success of any organization’s strategic and operational objectives.

In terms of the numbers, Venture Spirit has shown they can deliver results – with each game on average leading to several dozen strategic plans in a matter of weeks and, most importantly, creating a significant financial impact on the revenue and profit growth of their clients. This sets the stage for Venture Spirit to become a significant player in the gamified enterprise solutions and consulting space. For more about how Venture Spirit is making waves, head to their website.

You can also connect with Venture Spirit on socials. Their Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin links will be updated shortly.

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