How is France Leading the Global Innovation in Children’s Digital Entertainment?

Key Takeaways:
  • Cyber Group Studios is a French-based producer and distributor specializing in children’s digital entertainment.
  • The company collaborates with industry giants such as The Walt Disney Company, Sony, BBC, and Virgin.
  • Cyber Group Studios has a diverse catalogue of animated series and movies, targeting audiences ranging from children to families and tweens.
  • The company leverages the potential of digital distribution and multi-screen content experiences, in addition to its international co-producing partners.

In the world of digital entertainment, one market segment that often gets overlooked is children’s programming. However, realizing its potential, one French startup has set itself ahead of the pack, demonstrating the kind of innovation that shows why France is leading the international stage in this arena. Cyber Group Studios, a multi-awarded independent producer and distributor based in Paris, has propelled itself onto the global stage for top quality kids’ programming.

Founded in 2005 by Dominique Bourse and Pierre Sissmann, Cyber Group Studios is an entertainment powerhouse, operating with a comprehensive approach. Working with industry leaders like The Walt Disney Company, Sony, BBC, and Virgin, the company consistently produces and distributes blockbuster animated series and movies. It particularly targets audiences aged from 2 to 14 years, encapsulating the children, tweens and family market segments.

What sets Cyber Group Studios apart from others are the numerous opportunities they’ve created in the entertainment industry. By scoping out or generating intellectual properties that can be turned into great series, the company has positioned itself to be the source of many future hits. Additionally, they tap into the potential of a series by transforming it into an international franchise with a long lifespan. This capability to industrialize the series’ production process greatly sets them apart from other startups in this sector.

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Beyond traditional production and distribution, Cyber Group Studios is also ahead of the curve in leveraging digital distribution growth. They create multi-screen content experiences and co-produce with international partners, while also distributing a fantastic array of series produced by others. This strategic agility combined with a keen spirit of innovation is the backbone of their success story.

Looking forward, one can only expect Cyber Group Studios to continue playing a vital role in the digital entertainment industry. With the current digital revolution, the demand for high-quality children’s programming has never been higher. Given their track record, they are in a prime place to capitalize on this trend. Watch out for Cyber Group Studios, they’re proving that France is indeed leading the world in children’s digital entertainment.

To learn more about Cyber Group Studios, visit their website or follow them on Twitter , Facebook or Linkedin.

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