Germany’s Sustainability Titans: Top Green Tech Startups of 2023

As the world seeks sustainable solutions to environmental challenges, Germany emerges as a hub for green technology startups. With innovative ideas and sustainable approaches, these startups are shaping the future of various industries in 2023. Let’s delve into their stories.


Founded by Christian Becker, Daniel Schmitt Haverkamp, and David Löwe, Everdrop is bringing sustainability to the cleaning industry. They have introduced dissolvable cleaning tablets that significantly reduce plastic waste and environmental harm.


Linda Šejdová is the brain behind snuggs, a startup that is revolutionizing the feminine hygiene industry with its sustainable products. They’re challenging traditional norms and working towards a more environmentally friendly future.

ERA zero waste

ERA zero waste is at the forefront of the zero waste movement, developing products and initiatives that minimize waste and promote sustainability. Their work is contributing significantly to the global shift towards a circular economy.


Saqib Hanif and Sebastian Daus are the founders of FixFirst, a startup aiming to reduce electronic waste. They’re achieving this by offering a platform that assists users in repairing their electronic devices, promoting longevity and reducing waste.


Hopkins, co-founded by Simon Wolff, is a pioneer in green transportation. They provide an app-based solution for coordinating carpools, reducing carbon emissions and promoting more sustainable commuting.

Shyne Labs

Shyne Labs, led by Anthony Bielenstein and Richard Faehnle, is transforming the solar energy industry. They provide innovative solar solutions that are not only efficient but also aesthetically pleasing, promoting the wider adoption of solar energy.

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Badesofa Interior Design

Under the guidance of Natalie Steger, Badesofa Interior Design is leading the way in sustainable interior design. They offer eco-friendly furniture and design solutions, marrying style and sustainability seamlessly.


Moanah, founded by Felix Kleinhenz and Salar Armakan, is reinventing transportation with their sustainable e-mobility solutions. Their work is contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions and a greener future for urban mobility.


Leon Dror Heuser’s ReviewForest is driving sustainability in the digital space. For every review they collect for businesses, they plant a tree, combining digital marketing with direct environmental action.


Releaf, founded by Bennet Müllem, is contributing to a greener world with their reforestation initiatives. They facilitate the planting of trees, helping businesses offset their carbon footprint and support biodiversity.

The Slow Label

The Slow Label, founded by Anna-Laura Kummer, is pushing the boundaries in the fashion industry with its sustainable clothing line. They champion slow fashion and ethical manufacturing practices, leading the industry towards a more sustainable future.

The Family Butchers Holding

The Family Butchers Holding is introducing sustainability in the food processing industry. They aim to create high-quality products while reducing environmental impact and promoting animal welfare.


Bobby is reinventing personal care with their eco-friendly products. Their offerings contribute to reducing plastic waste and promoting more sustainable daily routines.

LED Center

LED Center is lighting up the future with their energy-efficient solutions. Their high-quality LED products not only reduce energy consumption but also contribute to a more sustainable future.

hsp solutions

hsp solutions is a leader in the renewable energy sector. They provide efficient, sustainable solutions that help businesses and households harness the power of renewable energy.

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These green tech startups in Germany are trailblazers in sustainability and innovation. From reducing waste to promoting renewable energy, they’re driving the green revolution in 2023. As they continue to innovate and disrupt their respective sectors, they promise a greener, more sustainable future.

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