France’s Rental Startups: Disrupting the Market One Property at a Time

Exploring the French rental landscape and the innovative startups leading the charge

LIZEE: Logistic Solutions Made Simple

LIZEE, founded by Anna Balez, Tanguy Frécon, and Timothée Emery, is a logistics and managed services solution. The startup has carved out a unique niche in the rental, supply chain management, and logistics industry.

Virgil: Assisting Your Home Purchase Journey

Virgil, led by Keyvan Nilforoushan and Saskia Fiszel, offers financial solutions to help individuals purchase a home. The company operates within the real estate, financial services, rental, and vacation rental sectors.

OneFlash: Power Bank Rentals on the Go

The app-based platform OneFlash enables users to rent mobile power banks from stations. This innovative solution sits at the intersection of the energy storage, rental, and apps industry.

Roadstr: P2P Car Sharing for France

Roadstr, the brainchild of founder Thomas Ceccaldi, has established itself as a peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace in France. The startup straddles several industries, including automotive, e-commerce, electric vehicles, and rental.

Gridky: Secure and Profitable Property Resale

Gridky brings its expertise to the buying and selling of property with rental security. The company guarantees easy resale and rental profitability services, operating in the real estate and rental industries.

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COLIBREE Intergeneration: Connecting Generations Through Rentals

COLIBREE Intergeneration, founded by Melanie Slufcik, is an online platform that primarily focuses on finding rooms for rent with young adults. The startup operates in the internet, online portals, rental, and travel accommodations industries.

White Bird: Comprehensive Property Services

White Bird, led by Delphine Merle, provides a range of property services, including rental, transaction, and property management.

Izyshow: The Artists’ Rental Platform

Izyshow makes it easier for artists to find and rent rehearsal spaces. The startup operates in the online portals, rental, and rental property industries.

Evolea: Residential Real Estate Services

Evolea is a real estate agency that provides residential real estate services. It specialises in property rental and is a key player in the residential real estate industry.

Immveo: The Rental Property Investment Expert

Immveo offers rental property investment services. The company, under the leadership of Jean Baptiste, operates in the property management, real estate investment, and rental property sectors.

Icilundi: Rental Spaces for Corporate Events

Icilundi is a strategic management company that provides corporate event planning services, as well as rental spaces for conferences, meetings, and events. The company operates within the events, real estate, and rental industries.

FaciliCiti: Property and Rental Management at Your Fingertips

FaciliCiti is a real estate solutions firm that provides property and rental management services with the help of an application. The firm operates within the commercial real estate, property management, and rental property sectors. Simplifying Rental Property Management is a rental property management agency. The firm caters to landlords and property owners within the real estate and rental property sectors.

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ColivMe: Co-living Made Easy

ColivMe specialises in housing assistance, co-living accommodation, rental property residential, and flat-sharing services. It provides a unique co-living experience within the real estate and residential sectors.

L’expert Etat Des Lieux: National Network for Estate Agents

L’expert Etat Des Lieux is a national network of inventory operators and estate agents. It plays a vital role in the real estate and rental property industry.

These promising French startups are transforming the rental landscape through innovation and a keen understanding of consumer needs. As they continue to grow and disrupt their respective sectors, the French rental market is poised for an exciting future.

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