Can Non-Monetary Auction Trading Revolutionise the European Financial E-Commerce Industry?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Arambla Group LLC operates in e-commerce with a non-monetary trading platform under its Arambla® marketplace brand.
  • Provides an innovative trading system that adds a possibility for the parties of a trading process to be joint problem-solvers.
  • The platform increases the choice of offered goods and services due to its international nature.
  • Targeting to revolutionize the European Financial E-Commerce industry by creating a solution for formalizing transactions in a non-monetary trade.
  • The startup, based in Tartu, Estonia is led by founders Igor Ivanov and Maksim Andrianov.

Despite the widespread prevalence of cashless transactions and online purchasing, there exists a niche for non-monetary trading. This is a system where goods and services are exchanged without the need for a standard unit of currency. Arambla Group LLC, operating out of Tartu, Estonia seeks to fill this niche with their Arambla® marketplace – a platform for e-commerce founded on non-monetary exchange.

This concept isn’t novel, but what makes the approach of Arambla Group unique is that it is tapping into the expansive potential of the internet, connecting traders from diverse geographical regions for a wide range of practical usage. The platform allows users to trade across countries, which significantly increases the choice of offered goods and services.

Arambla’s differentiating factor lies in its innovative trading system. With an integrative bargaining mechanism, both parties involved in the trading process work together to achieve a mutual benefit. This feature provides a solution for users to formalize transactions in the system, effectively functioning as a non-monetary online bank. This provides a platform for barter, an age-old practice digitized and amplified, allowing for win-win trading opportunities.

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Arambla Group’s platform promotes decentralized and independent commerce. It is aiming to solve the problem of lack in non-monetary market segment, providing innovative system to satisfy users’ needs without additional expenses. It is tapping into a market that, while niche, has incredible potential if utilized correctly. This company is showcasing the essence of entrepreneurship by applying traditional concepts to modern technology.

Looking towards the future, Arambla Group is well-positioned to lead in revolutionizing the European Financial E-Commerce industry. As more people seek alternatives to traditional financial systems, if successful, the non-monetary trading industry can experience significant growth, transforming the global economic landscape.

For more information about Arambla Group, visit their website at or follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin. The powerful ideologies on which Arambla Group was built – freedom, independence, and opportunities – will attract inquisitive minds from all over the world.

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