Designing the Future: Unveiling 15 Innovative Design Startups in Lombardia, Italy


Lombardia, located in the northern region of Italy, is renowned for its rich design heritage and thriving startup culture. Within this dynamic landscape, numerous design startups are pushing boundaries and revolutionizing various industries. In this article, we will showcase 15 fascinating design startups in Lombardia, shedding light on their innovative solutions and the impact they are making in their respective fields.

1. Vocalime: Redefining Conversational Interfaces

Vocalime designs and builds conversational interfaces, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence. Their innovative solutions enable businesses to create seamless and engaging conversations with their users, opening up new possibilities in customer interaction. Website

2. DVB-TECH: Powering RF Microwave Solutions

DVB-TECH develops and manufactures RF microwave solid-state power amplifier solutions. Their expertise in manufacturing and medical device design enables them to deliver cutting-edge solutions for various industries. Website

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3. TwinOne: Digital Solutions for the Creative Industry

TwinOne is a tech company specializing in digital solutions for the creative industry. With their innovative products and services, they empower designers and creatives to enhance their digital workflows and bring their ideas to life. Website

4. MetaDig: Driving Online Growth through Digital Strategies

MetaDig is a web agency that creates and implements digital strategies to support companies in online growth through acquisition channels. With their expertise in digital marketing, web design, and web development, MetaDig helps businesses thrive in the digital landscape. Website

5. Mashub: Integrated Digital Services for Effective Branding

Mashub provides a wide range of digital services, including digital strategy, branding, graphic design, photography, video production, social media management, and project management. With their comprehensive approach, Mashub helps businesses build strong brands and connect with their target audience. Website

6. A-Cubed Technology: Innovating Software Tools for the Aircraft Industry

A-Cubed Technology develops software tools for the aircraft industry, assisting in the design stages. Their solutions enable aircraft manufacturers to streamline their design processes, improve efficiency, and ensure compliance with industry standards. Website

7. Harmonic Shapes: Transforming Interior Design Experiences

Harmonic Shapes offers innovative interior design solutions for flooring and wall coverings. Their creative designs and expertise in home decor and improvement elevate spaces and create inspiring environments. Website

8. Tokio Studio: Versatile Services for Digital Media and Web Design

Tokio Studio provides a wide range of services, including video production, photography, live streaming, communication, and web design. With their creative expertise, they help businesses effectively communicate their brand message and engage their audience. Website

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9. Feellab: Driving Branding Strategy and Advertising Excellence

Feellab is a marketing agency that specializes in branding strategy, project management, product design, and advertising services. With their expertise, Feellab helps businesses create compelling brand identities and execute impactful marketing campaigns. Website

10. Fabrico: Transforming Digital Experiences through Software Solutions

Fabrico is a software development firm that provides web design, project management, e-commerce, and system integration services. Their expertise in consulting and information technology helps businesses create seamless digital experiences and streamline their operations. Website

11. Innoventa: Designing Automated Industrial Machines and Equipment

Innoventa specializes in designing automated industrial machines, equipment, and plants. With their expertise in electronics, industrial design, and software, Innoventa helps businesses optimize their manufacturing processes and improve productivity. Website

12. Wrdigital: Enhancing Online Presence through Graphic Design and Marketing

Wrdigital is an agency fixated on improving online presence through graphic design, marketing, SEO, video production, and social network services. With their comprehensive approach, Wrdigital helps businesses stand out in the digital landscape and attract their target audience. Website

13. Fifty Deg: Designing Dynamic Websites, E-commerce, and Web Apps

Fifty Deg specializes in designing and developing websites, e-commerce platforms, and web applications. With their expertise in web design and development, Fifty Deg helps businesses create engaging online experiences and drive digital success. Website

14. Lemonpie: Consulting Firm Empowering Application Development

Lemonpie is an application consulting firm that provides expertise in software development and UX design. Their insights and guidance help businesses build robust applications that meet user needs and deliver exceptional user experiences. Website

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15. GAMS Platform: Driving Digital Marketing Success through Creative Solutions

GAMS Platform is a digital marketing agency that offers branding, graphic design, skill validation, and social media advertising services. With their expertise in advertising and digital marketing, GAMS Platform helps businesses amplify their brand presence and achieve marketing goals. Website


Lombardia’s design startup ecosystem is a hotbed of innovation, where creativity and technology converge to shape the future. These 15 startups showcase the diverse range of design expertise, spanning conversational interfaces, manufacturing, digital solutions, branding, interior design, and more.

As Lombardia continues to foster a supportive environment for startups, these design ventures are poised to make significant contributions to their respective industries. By pushing boundaries and embracing innovation, they are redefining the possibilities and driving the design landscape forward. Keep an eye on these innovative startups as they continue to shape the future of design in Lombardia and beyond.

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