Cargo Stream’s Exciting Leap Forward: 1 Million Euro Boost for Expansion

LitCapital Fuels Cargo Stream's Vision to Revolutionize the Logtech Landscape

Key Takeaways:

  • Cargo Stream secures a 1 Million Euro investment from LitCapital.
  • The funding will accelerate expansion in Poland and reinforce its UK operations.
  • Cargo Stream is set to lead digital transformation in the logistics management software industry.
  • The company projects to reach 3 million Euros in revenue by 2023.

About Cargo Stream

Cargo Stream is on a mission to propel businesses into the future of logistics. Their vision is clear: “Improve customer’s efficiency through digital transformation while creating value solutions and controlling your supply chain.” Emerging as a prominent disruptor in the logtech industry, the startup’s novel solutions cater to diverse business needs, offering enhanced visibility, cost savings, and overall operational efficiency.

The LitCapital Partnership: A Strategic Move

With its recent 1 Million Euro injection from LitCapital, Cargo Stream stands at an exciting juncture. This private equity firm, known for its extensive expertise in nurturing startups, comes as a strategic ally, bolstering Cargo Stream’s ambitious growth plans.

Sarunas Belickas, COO of Cargo Stream, articulates the significance of this partnership, saying, “We are excited to partner with LitCapital and grateful for their trust in our big vision. Based on the current financial projections, our revenue will exceed 2 million Euro. Objectively, it could be more, hence our aim is to reach 3 million Euros in 2023.”

Diving Deeper into the Polish and UK Markets

Cargo Stream’s imminent goal is to delve deeper into the Polish market, leveraging the investment to solidify its footprint. At the same time, the company is keen to amplify its operations in the UK, where they already have a notable presence.

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Freight forwarders in both Poland and the UK handle enormous cargo volumes, often stumbling upon challenges stemming from manual processes. Inefficient traditional systems can slow down operations and escalate costs. This is where Cargo Stream’s advanced solutions come into play.

Pioneering the Digital Shift in Logistics

Cargo Stream’s platform is a testament to the transformative power of technology in logistics. By reducing the dependency on manual tasks and introducing automated processes, they ensure that freight forwarders can optimize costs while boosting efficiency. The company is not just selling software; it’s advocating for a paradigm shift, leading the charge for a complete digital transformation in transportation companies across the targeted regions.

About LitCapital

LitCapital is a distinguished growth capital fund that focuses on high-growth companies within the Baltic region. Their commitment to fostering potential startups has established them as a trusted partner for businesses aspiring to scale and innovate.


The logtech landscape is undergoing rapid transformation, and with the backing of LitCapital, Cargo Stream is well-positioned to pioneer this change. Their commitment to digitizing logistics, combined with strategic market expansion, signifies promising times ahead for the company and its clientele. As Sarunas Belickas aptly puts it, the vision is grand, and with the right resources in hand, there’s no ceiling to what Cargo Stream can achieve in the coming years.

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