Can Innovative Experience Design Revolutionize the Future of Global Brands?

Key Takeaways:

  • Solvers is an innovative experience design agency, leveraging customer feedback and innovative design principles to create forward-thinking websites and apps.
  • Unlike competing agencies, Solvers puts a strong emphasis on user-tested solutions, aiming to meet business objectives while exceeding client expectations.
  • With an international team of experienced designers and engineers, Solvers provides end-to-end support in experience design, from defining the problem to building and launching the product.
  • Solvers aims to shape the future of the user experience (UX) design industry by embracing business transformation and delivering innovative, customer-centric designs.


Venturing into spaces unchartered by other digital agencies, Solvers is pioneering a shift in the way brands approach their online presence — placing user experience at the centre of innovation. The Dublin-based international experience design agency has garnered attention for its unique stance on web and app creation for startups and global-facing brands alike. Their principle lies not merely in designing an aesthetically pleasing interface, but ones that are delivered through thorough user testing and are genuinely loved by those who use them.

Under the expert helm of founders Eamon Doyle, Kirk Donohoe, and Valeri Torf, Solvers was established in 2016 to challenge the prevailing norms of product development. Today, it stands with a diverse team of over 50 top experience designers and engineers spread across four continents, all geared towards redefining the scope of user experience in product design and development.


What sets Solvers distinctly apart from the rest is their user-validated approach. An ideology that fosters co-creation with customers, thereby creating products that they already desire. At any stage of the experience design process — from employing design thinking in problem-definition to developing products ready for launch into the digital universe — Solvers stands shoulder to shoulder with its clients.

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While competitors often rush into the development phase neglecting user feedback, Solvers underscores the importance of customer tastes and preferences. By leveraging on-target user testing, the agency ensures all products launched can meet business goals and exceed user expectations — a feat not many in the sector can proudly vouch for.

Conclusion & Looking Ahead

As digital interactions continue to influence consumer behaviour, the need for pioneering agencies like Solvers will only exponentiate. Their approach of involving users at the very core of their development process could reframe the way businesses view their digital design strategy. It holds a promise for a consumer-centric future where brand loyalty is not just about the product or service but also about how seamlessly the users can interact with them.

To keep up with Solvers and their innovative endeavours, follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. You can also take a deep dive into their work by visiting their website.

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