Breaking News: European Climate Tech Leader Set to Generate 250,000 Carbon Credits in 2024!

In a groundbreaking move towards sustainable investing, a European climate tech investment marketplace is gearing up to produce an astounding 250,000 carbon credits across the UK and Europe in 2024. This bold initiative by a leading player in the climate tech industry aims not only to make a significant impact on carbon reduction but also to revolutionize the landscape of sustainable finance.

Key Takeaways:

  • European climate tech firm to generate a massive 250,000 carbon credits in 2024, positioning itself as a major player in carbon credit production.
  • Sustainable investment offerings and Article 9 funds for retail and institutional investors to drive CO2 removal and support eco-friendly agricultural practices.
  • Strategic focus on Poland, Lithuania, and Bulgaria due to high carbon removal potential; expansion plans across Europe in the pipeline.

Investing for a Greener Future

HeavyFinance, a European climate tech investment marketplace with a focus on the agricultural industry, has set an audacious target for itself. By generating 250,000 carbon credits, this pioneering company plans to remove a staggering 250,000 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere. How will they achieve this remarkable feat? Through sustainable investment offerings and Article 9 funds tailored for both retail and institutional investors.

The heart of HeavyFinance’s mission lies in channeling investments towards no-tillage and sustainable farming practices. These investments will not only contribute to CO2 removal but also address the pressing issue of food shortages across Europe. With the majority of carbon credits earmarked for production in Poland, Lithuania, and Bulgaria, HeavyFinance aims to harness the high carbon removal potential of these regions. This strategic move aligns with the national strategies of these countries, furthering their commitments to carbon reduction and removal.

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Carbon Credits: A Driving Force for Change

Eryk Frontczak, the Carbon Product Manager at HeavyFinance, expressed his enthusiasm about the company’s ambitious goals. “Setting out attainable goals and commitments is an important part of tackling climate issues,” he said. “The generation of 250,000 carbon credits will bring actionable benefits across Europe. Countries like Poland possess immense potential for carbon reduction through sustainable farming. This not only prioritizes soil health, contributing to the food market but also generates new revenue streams through carbon credits, builds climate resilience, and maximizes agricultural yield.”

HeavyFinance’s recent launch of Green Loans adds another dimension to their commitment. This initiative offers investors an opportunity to earn up to 30 per cent in annual returns over a four-year investment period. The returns are generated from the sale of CO2 removal credits produced in European farmland. This innovative approach intertwines financial gains with environmental stewardship, enticing investors with the allure of profitability while actively contributing to carbon reduction.

CEO’s Vision: A Greener Horizon

Laimonas Noreika, CEO & Co-Founder of HeavyFinance, provided insights into the company’s strategy. “Carbon reduction is becoming increasingly vital as organizations embrace ESG strategies,” Noreika remarked. “Raising awareness about the carbon credit market and Article 9 funds forms a crucial step in the carbon removal and reduction process. Collaboration with European institutions to highlight the value of carbon credits in sustainability action is an essential part of the solution. Our capacity to generate 250,000 carbon credits will significantly contribute to our goal of removing one gigaton of CO2 emissions by 2050.”

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In a display of industry collaboration, HeavyFinance has formed strategic partnerships with key players. The company joined forces with UK firm Agricarbon to measure climate impact, while also teaming up with ClearBlue Markets, a leading carbon pricing advisory and offset development broker. These partnerships underscore HeavyFinance’s commitment to harnessing expertise across the spectrum of carbon reduction and sustainable finance.

Expanding Horizons: A Vision for Tomorrow

As Europe propels itself towards a greener future, HeavyFinance is poised to lead the charge. With plans to concentrate operations in carbon-rich regions like Poland, Lithuania, and Bulgaria, the company aims to tap into the vast potential these areas hold for carbon removal. Their expansion trajectory over the next 18 months is expected to amplify their impact across the continent, aligning seamlessly with national commitments to carbon reduction and removal.

By leveraging investments and innovative financial instruments, HeavyFinance’s remarkable journey is not only transforming the agricultural industry but also redefining how businesses approach sustainability. With a laser focus on carbon reduction and a commitment to removing one gigaton of CO2 emissions by 2050, the company is not just generating carbon credits; it’s creating a legacy of change.


HeavyFinance’s ambitious venture into carbon credit generation presents a compelling case study in the power of business to drive positive change. As they forge ahead, the spotlight will remain on their strategic approach, collaboration with key partners, and their capacity to revolutionize both financial landscapes and environmental footprints. With one eye on their target of removing one gigaton of CO2 emissions by 2050, HeavyFinance stands at the forefront of a sustainable revolution, rewriting the playbook for businesses in the climate tech sector.

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