Game On: Women’s World Cup Final Could Revive UK Pubs and Hospitality Industry

Brace yourselves for a game-changing boost to the UK hospitality sector! As the Women’s World Cup Final approaches, experts predict a significant wave of support for local pubs and eateries. With the potential to inject millions into the hospitality industry, this event could mark a turning point for struggling businesses and set the stage for a brighter future.

Key Takeaways:

  • Women’s World Cup Final poised to provide a much-needed boost to the beleaguered UK hospitality sector.
  • Previous events like the 2022 Euros Women’s final brought a £40 million surge to the industry.
  • A mid-morning kick-off time opens doors for pubs to capitalize on the event’s popularity and drive foot traffic.

Reviving Hospitality: A Winning Goal

Alan Thomas, UK CEO at Simply Business, shines a spotlight on the immense potential of the upcoming Women’s World Cup Final to breathe new life into the UK hospitality sector. Events of this magnitude have historically proven to be game-changers for the industry, providing a much-needed economic boost and a glimmer of hope for struggling businesses.

Drawing insights from the 2022 Euros Women’s final, which generated a staggering £40 million surge for the UK hospitality industry, it’s evident that events of this nature wield tremendous economic influence. Yet, the current state of the hospitality sector, with pubs facing closures and financial pressure, highlights the urgency for such an uplift.

Capitalizing on the Growth of Women’s Football

The growth of women’s football over the past year has ignited aspirations among independent hospitality firms. However, these hopes have faced stumbling blocks, primarily due to inconvenient fixture times that hampered their ability to capitalize on the tournament’s popularity.

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But hope is on the horizon with the Women’s World Cup Final. Set to take place with a mid-morning kick-off time, the event opens doors for pubs and eateries to draw in a substantial audience. With millions of viewers anticipated to tune in across the country, the potential for a much-needed financial infusion is palpable.

The Struggles of the Hospitality Industry

The backdrop against which this event unfolds is one of struggle and uncertainty for the UK hospitality industry. Pubs, in particular, have faced dire circumstances, with a staggering 1,800 closures since 2019, leaving the industry at its lowest point on record. Rising costs, coupled with challenges in passing these expenses onto customers, have added to the pressure felt by small businesses.

The weight of the situation prompts a call for robust support mechanisms from the government to ensure the industry’s long-term prosperity. The forthcoming Women’s World Cup Final could offer a glimmer of hope, proving that strategic events and support can act as catalysts for rejuvenation.

United in Support: A Community Endeavor

Alan Thomas’ words underscore the significance of collective action. Now, more than ever, local communities hold the power to drive change. Supporting local pubs and eateries isn’t just about watching a match; it’s about safeguarding the heart and soul of neighborhoods and the livelihoods of countless individuals.

The challenges faced by pubs and the broader hospitality sector have amplified the need for communal support. As these establishments face mounting pressures, the responsibility falls upon patrons and community members to rally behind them, creating a united front that can weather the storm.

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Looking Beyond: A Glimpse into Possibilities

While the Women’s World Cup Final offers a golden opportunity for the hospitality sector, it’s essential to view this event as a stepping stone toward lasting change. The challenges and vulnerabilities highlighted during this period call for sustained efforts to uplift local businesses.

As the event unfolds and the hospitality sector braces for a potential resurgence, the focus should extend beyond a single event. A reinvigorated industry hinges on collaborative efforts between businesses, customers, and the government. The Women’s World Cup Final is an invitation to reimagine how we value and support local establishments, potentially setting a precedent for transformative change.


The anticipation surrounding the Women’s World Cup Final isn’t merely about goals and trophies; it’s about the revival of an entire industry. Alan Thomas’ insights underscore the potential for this event to inject much-needed vitality into the struggling UK hospitality sector. Beyond financial gains, this presents an opportunity to unite communities, rekindle local pride, and foster a sense of collective responsibility.

As the event unfolds, the nation’s gaze will be fixed on the pitch, but the true measure of success will be witnessed in the strength of community support for local businesses. The Women’s World Cup Final has the potential to reignite hope, redefine priorities, and reshape how we champion the hospitality industry. So, gear up for the match and prepare to contribute to a brighter future for the heartbeats of our communities – our local pubs and eateries.

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