Revolutionizing Music Industry Opportunities Through Innovative Gig Sharing Solutions?

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Key Takeaways:

  • SplitGigs is a social network aimed to disrupt the music industry, particularly focused on emerging bands and musicians, providing them opportunities to expand their live performances through a gig-sharing platform.
  • The innovative concept of “SplitGig” allows musicians to exchange opportunities for gigs increasing their exposure and reach into new markets.
  • Apart from musicians, SplitGigs also caters to booking agencies, managers, and record labels, enabling them to manage their artist’s live acts more efficiently.
  • Born and grown in the Italian incubator H-Farm, SplitGigs is imbued with a culture of curiosity, creativity, and innovation, and is poised to redefine the music industry.

SplitGigs, a Lombardia, Italy-based startup, is revolutionizing opportunities in the music industry through innovative gig sharing solutions. This social network platform has emerged as an exceptional tool for emerging bands and musicians, helping them find and exchange opportunities for performances all via a brilliant concept titled the “SplitGig”. SplitGigs is changing the game in the traditionally challenging music industry, providing new ways for artists to perform and get their music heard.

Founded in 2005 by Marcello Rosa, Michele Rosa, and Sem Ronzoni, SplitGigs is part of H-Farm, an international platform and incubator known for redefining the role of venture capital. With core values like humanity, simplicity, collaboration, creativity, and innovation at its heart, SplitGigs embodies these principles to expand professional opportunities for artists live acts in a unique and effective way.

The key differentiator that sets SplitGigs apart from other music-centric startups is their implementation of gig sharing. The concept of “SplitGig” is a simple exchange of gigs between bands and musicians, offering a unique model of artistic cross-promotion. This exciting model not only incentivizes more bands to participate, but it also opens up new markets for bands who might otherwise struggle to break into them. All of this is achievable through the easy-to-use SplitGigs platform that is rooted in the concept of sharing and community.

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Furthermore, SplitGigs extends its services to booking agencies, managers, and record labels, helping them to manage their artists’ live acts with greater efficiency and exposure. It acts as a platform for agencies to discover new talents and provide them the much-needed stages to shine. This dual benefit nature of SplitGigs makes it a compelling product offering in the music industry.

As the music industry continues to evolve in tandem with the digital shift, SplitGigs is paving the way with its innovative approach. By focusing on community and collaborative growth instead of competition, it enrichens the opportunities within the music industry and potentially ushers a new era of talent discovery and promotion. Interesting in the music, finance, and social media sectors, SplitGigs seems to be primed for future growth.

In conclusion, SplitGigs is a novel startup leveraging the power of community and the concept of sharing to help artists secure more stage time and opportunities. By pushing the boundaries of the conventional music industry, SplitGigs envisions a collaborative future that benefits musicians, bookers, and music lovers alike. Follow SplitGigs journey on their social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook.

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