15 Innovative Software Startups in Catalonia, Spain You Need to Know About

How These Startups are Disrupting Industries and Driving Innovation in Catalonia

Catalonia is home to some of the most exciting and innovative software startups in Spain. From AI-powered search engines to cloud-based chemical design platforms, these startups are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with technology.

Here are 15 software startups from Catalonia that are making a difference in various industries.


Nuclia is an API designed to help developers build AI-powered search engines. With its innovative platform, Nuclia is helping businesses to improve their search capabilities and deliver more accurate and relevant results.

Nina Capital

Nina Capital is an investment fund that focuses on health tech companies with international ambitions. With a focus on analytics, AI, data visualization, and wearables, Nina Capital is helping to drive innovation in the health care industry.


Taclia is a software platform that empowers companies to manage their businesses more effectively. With its range of features, including CRM, invoicing, and project management, Taclia is helping businesses to streamline their operations and improve their bottom line.


Typs is a social media platform that gives employees real-time access to their salaries. With its innovative approach to payroll management, Typs is helping businesses to improve their employee engagement and retention rates.


Nextmol is a cloud-based platform to accelerate the design of new chemicals through molecular modeling and artificial intelligence. With its innovative platform, Nextmol is helping businesses to develop new chemicals faster and more efficiently.

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Paymefy provides an AI debt collection solution that helps in recovering more money faster and at a lower cost. With its innovative approach to debt collection, Paymefy is helping businesses to improve their cash flow and reduce their risk of bad debt.


Datavision is an AI Ops platform that provides machine learning, log analytics, APM, and cybersecurity services. With its innovative platform, Datavision is helping businesses to improve their IT operations and security.


Predictheon develops software for healthcare professionals, providing tools to help diagnose and treat a range of medical conditions. With its innovative approach to health care, Predictheon is helping to improve patient outcomes and drive innovation in the medical field.


Upwine is a provider of tasting software solutions where the client visualizes the wine information on the tablet and scores digitally. With its innovative platform, Upwine is helping wineries to improve their wine tasting experiences and drive more sales.

Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech

Qilimanjaro is a full-stack quantum computing (QC) company developing hardware and software for real-world problems. With its innovative approach to quantum computing, Qilimanjaro is helping businesses to solve complex problems faster and more efficiently.

Aimentia HealthTech

Aimentia HealthTech is an artificial intelligence platform created to help professionals and patients for the new era of mental health. With its innovative platform, Aimentia HealthTech is helping to improve patient outcomes and drive innovation in mental health care.


Vendfy is a SaaS company that offers software to track sales and analyze and enhance ROI of influencer marketing for e-commerce businesses. With its innovative platform, Vendfy is helping businesses to improve their influencer marketing campaigns and drive more sales.

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MatchTrial offers a mobile-based application for clinical trial management. With its innovative platform, MatchTrial is helping to improve patient outcomes and drive innovation in clinical research.

Smilegate Barcelona

Smilegate Barcelona is a software company that develops online crossfire gaming development services. With its innovative platform, Smilegate Barcelona is helping gamers to enjoy more immersive and engaging gaming experiences.

The Scouting App

The Scouting App is a football scouting software that creates football scouting analysis. With its innovative platform, The Scouting App is helping football teams to improve their scouting processes and find new talent more efficiently.


These 15 software startups from Catalonia are just a few examples of the innovation and disruption happening in Spain’s startup scene. With their unique approaches to AI, health care, e-commerce, and more, these startups are driving innovation and creating new opportunities in their respective industries.

If you’re interested in learning more about the software startups in Catalonia and the impact they’re having, be sure to check out their websites and stay tuned for more updates from EUStartup.news.

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