Women’s Wonders: Exploring The Netherlands’ 15 Fashion-Forward Startups

Unveiling the female-founded startups redefining fashion and empowerment

In the vibrant startup landscape of The Netherlands, a remarkable wave of women-led ventures is taking the fashion industry by storm. From jewelry to fitness wear and everything in between, these female entrepreneurs are not only showcasing their creative prowess but also empowering women with their innovative products and services. Join us on a journey through The Netherlands’ thriving fashion startup ecosystem as we explore the fifteen most captivating and women-centric ventures that are shaping the future of the industry.

Hejude: Shining Gems of Elegance

Hejude is more than just a jewelry business; it’s an ode to elegance. Founded by Astrid Punt and Tannette Bravenboer, the brand offers exquisite jewelry pieces that radiate timeless beauty. (Website: Hejude)

Noirique: Unveiling the Beauty Within

For women seeking top-notch makeup accessories, Noirique’s webshop is the ultimate destination. Founded with a vision for enhancing beauty, the brand leaves a lasting impression. (Website: Noirique)

Vamazone: Empowering Intimate Care

Vamazone stands out as an online shop dedicated to providing intimate care products for women. It’s a testament to the importance of self-care and wellness. (Website: Vamazone)

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Fitclothes4you: Empowering Fitness Fashion

For women who prioritize fitness and style, Fitclothes4you is the go-to place. Their online store offers a curated collection of fitness wear that blends comfort and fashion seamlessly. (Website: Fitclothes4you)

Claudia Nails: Beautifying with Elegance

Claudia Nails is more than just a wholesaler of nail and beauty products; it’s a testament to creativity and self-expression. Their products empower women to embrace their unique style. (Website: Claudia Nails)

Laytar: Where Fashion Dreams Take Flight

At Laytar’s online boutique store, women’s clothing collections come alive. The founders’ passion for fashion translates into every piece they curate. (Website: Laytar)

eye of dusk: Unveiling Your Inner Fashionista

eye of dusk is a retail shop that celebrates fashion and self-confidence. With their extensive collection, they inspire women to embrace their unique style. (Website: eye of dusk)

Madam Peach: Embrace Your Inner Fashion Icon

Madam Peach’s online shop offers a variety of fashionable clothes that cater to every woman’s style. It’s a haven for fashion-forward women. (Website: Madam Peach)

Miss. Jewelry: Adorn Yourself with Elegance

Miss. Jewelry is an e-commerce platform that presents a stunning array of jewelry pieces for women. Their designs capture the essence of elegance. (Website: Miss. Jewelry)

MONS Fashion Boutique: Celebrating Women’s Style

MONS Fashion Boutique is an online fashion store that believes in celebrating every woman’s unique style. Their collections are curated with love and care. (Website: MONS Fashion Boutique)

Micery: Inspiring Women’s Fashion Choices

Micery’s online clothing store goes beyond fashion; it’s a place where women find inspiration and explore fashion accessories to complement their outfits. (Website: Micery)

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MULTIPLYME: Empowering Mothers, Uplifting Women

MULTIPLYME is not just an online coaching and inspiration program; it’s a movement to empower mothers and support women in their personal development journey. (Website: MULTIPLYME)

Just Classic: Timeless Elegance

Just Classic’s webshop is a treasure trove for classic jewelry enthusiasts. Their pieces embody the essence of timeless elegance. (Website: Just Classic)

TK Dressmode: Where Style Meets Substance

TK Dressmode’s webshop caters to women seeking fashion products that effortlessly blend style and substance. It’s a reflection of modern femininity. (Website: TK Dressmode)

BACKSTAGE BY DANI: Stepping into Empowerment

BACKSTAGE BY DANI’s online store for women’s clothes is more than just fashion; it’s about empowering women to embrace their true selves with confidence. (Website: BACKSTAGE BY DANI)


The Netherlands’ fashion startup scene is a testament to the power of women entrepreneurs, creativity, and empowerment. These fifteen ventures not only redefine style but also celebrate individuality and self-expression. As these startups continue to flourish, they inspire women across the nation to embrace their unique identity and empower each other to reach new heights. In a world where fashion is a reflection of personality, these women-led startups are shaping the future of the industry with elegance and grace.

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