Revolutionizing Healthcare: Belgium’s 15 Innovative Startups

Unveiling the pioneers transforming healthcare with cutting-edge solutions

Belgium’s healthcare landscape is experiencing a remarkable transformation, thanks to a wave of innovative startups that are revolutionizing the industry. From advanced therapeutics to smart living technology and personalized care solutions, these startups are paving the way for a healthier and more connected future. Join us as we explore fifteen fascinating healthcare ventures in Belgium, each dedicated to improving lives and redefining the future of healthcare.

Handl Therapeutics: Pioneering Transformative Medicines

Handl Therapeutics is on a mission to deliver transformative advanced medicines to the market. With a focus on biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, their platform promises groundbreaking medical breakthroughs. (Website: Handl Therapeutics)

Lilo Health: Empowering Chronic Disease Management

Lilo Health specializes in health technology solutions tailored for chronic diseases. Their innovative business intelligence and IT-based tools empower patients and healthcare professionals alike. (Website: Lilo Health)

Axiles Bionics: A Leap Forward for Amputees

Axiles Bionics is improving the quality of life for amputees with their new generation bionic feet. The startup’s cutting-edge medical devices are redefining mobility and rehabilitation. (Website: Axiles Bionics)

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Arega Pharma: Delivering Health and Care

Arega Pharma is a pharmaceutical company committed to distributing essential medicines, self-care products, and medical devices. Their dedication to healthcare accessibility makes a significant impact. (Website: Arega Pharma)

ATB Therapeutics: Novel Solutions for Cancer Patients

ATB Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company focused on providing novel therapeutic solutions for cancer patients. Their work holds promise for groundbreaking treatments. (Website: ATB Therapeutics)

Jane: Smart Living and Care for Seniors

Jane offers smart living and care technology tailored for senior citizens. Their solutions enhance the quality of life and ensure the safety and well-being of elderly individuals. (Website: Jane)

Ooho: Empowering Health Tech and Med Tech

Ooho provides a platform for health tech, med tech, and digital health startups to enter the market. Their expertise fosters innovation and growth within the healthcare industry. (Website: Ooho)

Medicasure: Building Patient Care Pathways

Medicasure is a healthcare company that coordinates and optimizes patient care pathways through their medical intelligence platform, driven by artificial intelligence and mobile apps. (Website: Medicasure)

Abelcare: Fostering Sexual Health Awareness

Abelcare provides a wide range of tests, sexual health awareness, and self-monitoring systems, contributing to a healthier and more informed society. (Website: Abelcare)

A-kwadraat: Empowering the Community

A-kwadraat is a non-profit organization offering education, employment, social assistance, rehabilitation, and healthcare services, making a positive impact on the community. (Website: A-kwadraat)

Creative Therapy: Personalized Exercise Therapy

Creative Therapy offers motivated and personalized exercise therapy, enriching the lives of patients with tailored therapeutic solutions. (Website: Creative Therapy)

AZ Rivierenland: Comprehensive Healthcare Services

AZ Rivierenland offers a wide range of healthcare services, from medical imaging to general surgery, cardiology, and physiotherapy, ensuring holistic care for patients. (Website: AZ Rivierenland)

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Altrio Thuisverpleging: Caring for Patients at Home

Altrio Thuisverpleging provides high-quality residential nursing facilities to patients, ensuring comfort and specialized care in the comfort of their homes. (Website: Altrio Thuisverpleging)

Pulse Healthcare Staffing: Empowering Nursing Staff

Pulse Healthcare Staffing is a staffing agency that provides recruiting and staffing services for nurses, addressing the crucial need for well-trained healthcare professionals. (Website: Pulse Healthcare Staffing)

World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition: Fostering Wellness and Fitness

World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition is a wellness and fitness center dedicated to empowering patients and promoting a holistic approach to health and well-being. (Website: World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition)


Belgium’s healthcare startups are at the forefront of innovation, transforming healthcare delivery and patient outcomes. From biotechnology to medical devices and smart living technology, these ventures are shaping a healthier and more connected future. With their dedication and groundbreaking solutions, these startups pave the way for a more inclusive and advanced healthcare system in Belgium and beyond.

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