Who are Spain’s Most Influential Video Startups Shaping 2023?

With over a whopping 4,115 startups, Spain is firmly establishing itself as a tech hotspot in Southern Europe. Spanish startups are growing at an unprecedented pace and are expanding their reach beyond national boundaries. An interesting segment that’s currently burgeoning in Spain is video startups. These ventures are reshaping gaming, advertising, music, and the social media landscape by providing innovative video solutions. This piece showcases 15 such dynamic startups in the Spanish video sector.

From gaming development studios to digital marketing agencies that offer live video streaming services, these startups are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the video sphere. These ventures are finding unique ways to integrate video into their services, often complementing traditional platforms with their innovative solutions. Let’s explore these exciting companies further.

The video sector in Spain is not just exciting and innovative, but also diverse, as you’ll see in the range of startups that we have curated here. Each startup is unique, providing a distinct offering that sets them apart in this competitive industry.


Cleb is an interesting player in the social media industry. This online platform connects fans with their favorite celebrities through engaging video content. In the world where social media is thriving, Cleb offers its users a unique way of connecting with their idols.

Mansion Games

Mansion Games is a startup studio that focuses on video game development. Founded by Victor Fernandez, this company is pushing boundaries in the enriching the gaming and software industry.

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With its unique offering, Nawaiam takes video games to a completely new level. This adventure and strategy video game analyses the behaviour of its players to construct a professional profile, adding a new dimension to the gaming experience.


Meet Playoffnations, a novel platform that facilitates the creation of innovative video game events and competitions. This initiative is revolutionizing the video games industry by offering a novel platform for competition creation.


Opoque is a digital platform that hones in on the need for videoconferencing. Offering rapid deployment, test protection, and practical assumption products, this startup is refining the communication landscape.

2nd Potion

Game development at its best, 2nd Potion develops video games and also accelerates customer acquisition. Founders Hicham Massamba Wa and Kevin Bravo are making a mark in the gaming industry with their innovative solutions.

Bat communication

A broad-ranging provider, Bat communication operates in advertising, audio, fashion, marketing, video and web design. This agency approaches these sectors in an innovative and fresh way.

Koora Studio

In the world of 3D Technology, Advertising, Animation, Graphic Design, Video, Video Advertising and Virtual Reality, Koora Studio is setting the tone. This media creation company is a one-stop solution for all media creation needs.

3 roots studio

3 roots studio is a film production company that also specializes in communication strategy, copywriting, photography and video. This diverse company was co-founded by François Toussaint.

View Language Passport

View Language Passport is on a mission to make education more fun and interactive. Its focus is on music and video as mediums to facilitate learning.


Streamion is a unique digital marketing agency, offering advertising, branding and social media campaigns, all enabled with live video streaming services. This mix of services makes Streamion a formidable player in the digital marketing scene.

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When music meets e-commerce, what you get is MP3Life. This platform offers an online music magazine that provides news, exciting videos and audio tips. It’s an all-in-one resource for music enthusiasts, founded by Tamar Melian.


Freeverse.io is an innovative company that operates on the intersection of Blockchain, FinTech, Gaming and Video Games. Their product, Living Assets: NFT 2.0, is a revolution in its own, and was brought to life by Alessandro Siniscalchi, Alun Evans, and Ferran Estalella.


OWO offers a patented wireless haptic gaming vest that lets players feel over 30 different sensations while playing video games. This unique venture was co-founded by Jose Fuertes Peña.


Rounding off our list, SoundStage.fm makes hiring premium artists for virtual musical performances easy. Operating through video conferencing, this platform is reshaping the music streaming domain.

These startups serve as evidence of the potential that lies within the video sector of Spain. Each breaking boundaries in their own way, these companies signal a prosperous future for Spanish startups and the video industry as a whole.

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