Who are Netherlands’ Most Influential Finance Startups Redefining 2023 Economy?

The Netherlands, renowned for its innovative spirit and entrepreneurial ecosystem, boasts numerous startups leading the way in the finance industry. From companies championing the implementation of PSD2 to investment advisory firms and crypto trading platforms, Dutch startups are continuously reshaping the financial landscape.

In this piece, we delve into the world of fintech and explore some of the most interesting finance startups hailing from the Netherlands. We will look at their unique offerings, the industries they cater to, and how they are transforming the financial services sector.

Get ready to discover these game-changing firms that are redefining finance in completely unique ways.


iban-XS is transforming financial services for businesses. Their unique approach integrates PSD2 to provide access to banks and identity providers, creating a payment platform that caters to the needs of modern businesses.


Bondify is a debt origination platform specializing in financial services. Their unique, technology-driven approach takes lending services to the next level.

One Click Crypto

The future of cryptocurrency is here with One Click Crypto. This innovative company uses AI and machine learning to create user-friendly web3 trading and investment products.


Geldmaat is a financial services firm that encapsulates the essence of the sector. By offering efficient and reliable financial services, Geldmaat is supporting both businesses and individuals in the Netherlands.

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LendXS is a digital credit service platform offering loan performance management tools for rural financial institutions, revolutionizing the way rural banking operates.

Black Swan Capital

Providing expert financial planning and investment advisory services, Black Swan Capital is a trusted partner for clients looking to grow their wealth.

CBMK Credit Management & Incasso

CBMK Credit Management & Incasso offers comprehensive services such as legal advice, debt collection, credit information, and debtor management services to clients across multiple sectors.


Vive, founded by Alexander Brouwer, is a pension and wealth building platform providing modern tooling for businesses and individuals eager to grow their wealth and ensure a secure retirement.


Capitalize2day offers financial consulting services, providing expert advice on financing, mergers, acquisitions, and commercial strategies.

De BelastingBespaarders

De BelastingBespaarders is a comprehensive financial management agency offering invaluable tax services to individuals and businesses alike.

No Five Trees

No Five Trees is a financial consultancy that offers investments, financial structuring, fundraising, and debt financing to its clients.


Fidinda is a financial wellness provider offering legacy management, living will arrangement, debt restructuring, and counseling services.


Driven caters to the business mobility sector and leverages innovative technology to offer unique solutions to its clients.


AC.TwentyThree offers a range of services including management consulting, advisory, marketing management, finance, branding, and digital transformation.


A meeting place for the trading enthusiasts, TRADERS TREFPUNT is making waves in the financial services sector with its innovative forum for traders and investors.

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