Which Spanish Electronics Startups are Influencing Innovation in EU Market?

Spain has been a hotbed for startups in recent years, particularly in the electronics sector. This growth in startup activity can be attributed to a combination of factors, including an increase in investor activity, government incentives, and a talented and diverse pool of entrepreneurs. This article highlights some of the most exciting electronics startups emerging from this vibrant ecosystem.

Spanish electronics startups are highly varied, offering products and services across a range of sub-sectors. These include electrical distribution, microelectronics, consumer electronics, telecommunications, and more. Furthermore, these new ventures have shown a commitment to innovation, addressing major societal challenges such as clean energy, aging populations, and indoor tracking technology.

This article will provide a brief overview of 15 Spanish electronics startups, taking a closer look at their offerings, the industry sectors they operate in, and the individuals behind these innovative companies. The variety of these startups represents Spain’s budding start-up scene and their significant contributions to Europe’s digital economy.

Bia Power

Bia Power, under the leadership of Candace Saffery Neufeld, aims to revolutionize the realm of electric grids. The company optimizes charging sessions to support clean and reliable electric grids, offering a sustainable twist to the electronics industry.

Space Submicron Electronic

Space Submicron Electronic specializes in the design, development, and production of integrated microelectronic circuits. This approach sets them apart in the world of electronics, offering innovative, compact, and efficient solutions.

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Baterfly, led by Irene Gil López, offers an innovative service where users can rent a battery at any of their rental points. Baterfly’s work blends electronics with software development, providing user-friendly solutions for consumer electronics.


CREATE operates an online store that sells a broad spectrum of consumer electronics products. From home appliances and air conditioners to the latest electronic gadgets, CREATE offers customers a one-stop shop for their electronics needs.


Allzone is another online venture that specializes in consumer electronics. This startup offers diverse products, including tablets, PCs, smartphones, and even clothing, for online shoppers who value convenience and variety.


Fivecomm, founded by José Monserrat and Narcís Cardona, specializes in the research and development of 5G solutions. This effort fits within the larger ICT industry and offers significant potential for advancements in telecommunication systems.


Tewis operates within the industry of industrial and commercial refrigeration, air conditioning, control, and energy efficiency. By integrating electronics with manufacturing and professional services, Tewis offers comprehensive solutions to fulfillment needs.

Salcantay Natur

Salcantay Natur is an e-commerce store specializing in solar energy equipment. The startup leverages consumer electronics to deliver renewable energy solutions, contributing to environmental sustainability in the process.


Bleta aims to improve the quality of life of elderly people. The startup designs a special tablet connected to loved ones, making digital engagement accessible for older adults.


Electrotres offers a vast range of appliances and electronics for online sale. This company is yet another successful example of the blend of electronics and e-commerce.

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Urban Air Purifier

Urban Air Purifier manufactures equipment designed to remove suspended particles, gases, and viruses from the air, making indoor environments healthier and safer.

Migra TecnoStationery

Migra TecnoStationery is a one-stop online shop for stationery, consumables, mobiles, and other accessories. The startup showcases how consumer electronics can be combined with other consumer goods to create a holistic shopping experience.

Colnix Technology

Colnix Technology is a startup that develops indoor tracking technology. By monitoring human activity in real time, this technology brings a new dimension of insight to consumer electronics.


Avanz@ is a venture that provides telecommunications and electronic waste management services. The company’s work highlights the intersection of electronics, telecommunications, and sustainable waste management.


Reemi focuses on consumer electronics, specifically on the development of electronic devices for daily use. The company’s work is characterized by innovation and technological integration, promising to bring progress within the realm of electronics.

In conclusion, the landscape of Spanish electronics startups is both dynamic and diverse, offering a range of innovative solutions to diverse challenges. Their work is a testament to the potential and vitality of Spain’s electronics sector, contributing significantly to the country’s digital economy and the wider European market.

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