Startup Showcase: Bad Seed Entertainment, Reinventing Gaming Genres

Transforming Mobile Gaming through Innovative Design and Quality

Our Startup Showcase shines the spotlight on Bad Seed Entertainment, an innovative gaming startup that is redefining how we play popular game genres. Located in Milan, Italy, this ambitious company is creating ripples in the world of mobile gaming with their unique approach to game design and exceptional attention to detail.

From Ubisoft to Bad Seed: A Journey in Gaming Innovation

Born in 2012, Bad Seed Entertainment was founded by a group of passionate game developers who previously worked together at Ubisoft. They brought with them their shared vision of mobile platforms as the future of gaming. With a current team of eight, Bad Seed has proven that with passion and teamwork, even the most challenging of ventures can succeed.

Bad Seed’s journey began with their selection for GameFounders, Europe’s first gaming accelerator program. This recognition propelled them forward, instilling a relentless drive to create and innovate. They have since been working tirelessly on new products, earning high praise for their game design, and even capturing the “Mobile App of the Day” award from FWA.

Game-Changing Titles: Sheep Up! and Beyond

The team’s first creation, “Sheep Up! Premium”, introduced a fresh take on mobile gaming with its top-down gameplay camera. Critics and users alike lauded its high-quality graphics and innovative gameplay. Buoyed by the success of this title, the team has expanded their vision, and are currently working on two new products slated for release in the near future.

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Their next release, “Sheep Up! Freemium,” continues to push the boundaries of game design, and anticipation for its release is building within the gaming community.

Conquering the World from Milan to Silicon Valley

Success followed Bad Seed beyond the digital realm. The team has won two major Italian competitions dedicated to startups: Wind Business Factor and Mind the Bridge. These awards have enabled Bad Seed to open a second office in San Francisco, bridging the gap between European innovation and Silicon Valley’s technological prowess.

With offices on both sides of the Atlantic and games that are challenging norms, Bad Seed Entertainment is a force to be reckoned with in the world of mobile gaming. They are a perfect example of how innovation, creativity, and team spirit can transform a fledgling startup into a global gaming phenomenon.

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