Revolutionizing Dutch App Space: Exploring 15 Innovative Startups in The Netherlands

Discover the next wave of groundbreaking apps shaping industries and improving lives.

The Netherlands has established itself as a hotbed for innovation and technology, and the country’s startup ecosystem is thriving. In this article, we’ll dive into the fascinating world of app startups in The Netherlands and showcase 15 pioneering companies that are pushing boundaries and transforming industries. From electric mobility and dating to personalized trip planning and data privacy, these startups are making their mark with innovative solutions. Let’s explore the exciting world of Dutch app startups!

GO Sharing: Electric Mobility Made Easy

GO Sharing is revolutionizing last-mile transportation by offering an app-based service that allows users to discover and ride electric scooters conveniently. With sustainability at the forefront, GO Sharing is transforming urban mobility in a cleaner and more efficient way.

Breeze: Redefining Dating in the Digital Age

Breeze introduces a groundbreaking dating app that goes beyond online interactions. By efficiently organizing offline dates at scale, Breeze creates meaningful connections and bridges the gap between digital and real-life experiences.

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Origin: Personalized Trip Planning Redefined

Origin provides a comprehensive app-based platform for personalized trip planning. With intelligent algorithms and user preferences in mind, Origin simplifies the process of organizing and optimizing travel experiences.

Rita Personal Data: Empowering Users with Data Control

Rita Personal Data puts users back in control of their personal data. Leveraging edge computing and GDPR compliance, this innovative startup empowers individuals by giving them ownership over their data, prioritizing privacy and security.

Epify: Bridging Biotechnology and Health Care

Epify, a collaboration between Maastricht University and the bioinformatics group of Ghent University, is revolutionizing healthcare through advanced mobile apps. By merging biotechnology and information technology, Epify aims to enhance the well-being of individuals and society.

Kiwi Mobility: Convenient and Affordable City Travel

Kiwi Mobility is redefining last-mile transportation within cities. Offering electric vehicles and a seamless app experience, Kiwi Mobility provides an affordable and enjoyable way to make short trips while reducing carbon emissions.

Yoho: Empowering Frontline Employees

Yoho is a versatile app that connects and engages frontline employees, enabling effective task management, skill development, and information sharing. With features such as video chat and training tools, Yoho enhances productivity and teamwork.

Glaries: Real-Life Connections in the Digital World

Glaries is a refreshing take on dating apps, focusing solely on real-life interactions. By promoting active dates and meaningful connections, Glaries increases the chances of meeting that special someone in person.

GrabJobs Benelux: Instant Job Matching

GrabJobs Benelux streamlines the job-seeking process by matching job seekers with employers instantly. With an intuitive app interface, GrabJobs Benelux simplifies the recruitment process and empowers both job seekers and employers.

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XRPL Labs: Shaping the Future of Information Technology

XRPL Labs is a collaborative project that aims to revolutionize the field of information technology through innovative mobile apps.

KidsKonnect: Streamlining Childcare Management

KidsKonnect offers a comprehensive childcare software that includes child planning, staff planning, and parent communication. With an intuitive app interface, KidsKonnect simplifies childcare management for parents and providers alike.

Techspire: Innovative IT Solutions for Business Value

Techspire is an IT company that develops state-of-the-art solutions to create value for its customers. With a focus on apps, cloud data services, and information technology, Techspire is at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge solutions.

Hello 24/7: On-Demand Services Made Simple

Hello 24/7 provides a platform where users can obtain household help, DIY assistance, and garden help with ease. With its user-friendly app, Hello 24/7 simplifies accessing services and connecting users with qualified professionals.

FastPages: Boosting Conversions with Landing Page Templates

FastPages is a tool that helps increase leads, sales, and conversions by offering templates and options for creating captivating landing pages. With its user-friendly interface and customization features, FastPages empowers businesses to optimize their online presence.

Vive: Modern Pension and Wealth Building

Vive is a pension and wealth-building platform that offers modern tools for businesses and individuals to grow their pension and wealth. With its user-friendly app, Vive simplifies financial planning and empowers users to secure their financial future.


The Dutch app startup scene is brimming with innovation, and these 15 startups are leading the charge with their groundbreaking solutions. From transforming transportation and revolutionizing dating to enhancing healthcare and empowering employees, these startups are reshaping industries and improving lives. Keep an eye on these Dutch app startups as they continue to make waves in the global tech landscape.

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