Startup Showcase: Plasmatreat – Revolutionizing Surface Treatment with Atmospheric Plasma Technology

Transforming Surface Treatment with Cutting-Edge Plasma Solutions

Welcome to this startup showcase, where we explore Plasmatreat, an innovative atmospheric plasma-jet technology company. Plasmatreat specializes in the manufacturing and supply of advanced plasma equipment, offering a wide range of plasma systems and solutions for surface treatment and modification. Join us as we delve into the capabilities and impact of Plasmatreat’s atmospheric plasma technology in various industries, revolutionizing surface treatment and enhancing coating adhesion.

Unleashing the Power of Atmospheric Plasma-Jet Technology

Plasmatreat is at the forefront of atmospheric plasma-jet technology, a cutting-edge field that transforms the way surfaces are treated and modified. With a focus on surface activation, microfine cleaning, and plasma coating, Plasmatreat’s innovative solutions offer numerous benefits to industries dealing with a wide range of materials, including plastics, metals, glass, boards, textiles, and composites.

Comprehensive Plasma Systems for Surface Treatment

Plasmatreat’s portfolio comprises a comprehensive range of plasma systems and equipment that cater to diverse surface treatment requirements. The company’s atmospheric plasma technology, known as Openair-Plasma, is designed for processes that take place at ambient pressure. This innovative approach allows for efficient and effective surface cleaning, activation, and coating applications.

Superior Coating Adhesion and Surface Modification

Plasmatreat’s atmospheric plasma technology plays a vital role in enhancing coating adhesion, ensuring a long-lasting, high-quality finish on various substrates. By precisely controlling the plasma treatment parameters, Plasmatreat enables the creation of a homogenous paint finish and promotes stable adhesion of coatings, even under the most challenging load conditions. This breakthrough in surface modification paves the way for improved durability and performance of coated products across industries.

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Driving Innovation through Research and Development

Plasmatreat’s commitment to advancing atmospheric plasma technology is evident through its significant investments in research and development. The company allocates over 12% of its annual sales revenue to R&D activities, fueling innovation and the development of cutting-edge plasma equipment and processes. Plasmatreat holds more than 150 patents, a testament to its dedication to pushing the boundaries of surface treatment and plasma technology.

Empowering Industries with Plasma Solutions

Plasmatreat’s atmospheric plasma-jet technology has made a significant impact across various industries, revolutionizing surface treatment and coating processes. The company’s solutions find applications in automotive, aerospace, electronics, medical, packaging, and many other sectors, where superior surface cleanliness, activation, and coating adhesion are crucial.

By leveraging Plasmatreat’s plasma equipment and expertise, businesses can achieve enhanced product performance, increased productivity, and improved cost efficiency. Plasmatreat’s solutions enable manufacturers to meet stringent quality requirements, optimize production processes, and unlock new opportunities for product innovation and differentiation.

Website: Plasmatreat
Twitter: Plasmatreat
Facebook: Plasmatreat
LinkedIn: Plasmatreat

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