Which Manufacturing Startups Are Transforming Bayern’s Industrial Landscape in 2023?

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Bayern, a state located in the south-east of Germany, is well-known for its strong economy, vibrant industrial sector and robust manufacturing industry. The region has taken leaps towards integrating advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, SaaS and more into their traditional manufacturing operations. This shift has elevated the entire manufacturing ecosystem, making it one of the top regions for manufacturing startups. Here are 15 promising manufacturing startups from Bayern, making a name for themselves on the global stage and contributing significantly to the region’s reputation for quality and innovation.

From aerospace to water treatment technology, these startups reflect the diverse and dynamic nature of Bayern’s manufacturing sector. Each one is unique, but they all share a common commitment to innovation, intelligent design, and the application of groundbreaking technology.

Without further ado, let’s dive in and learn more about these promising companies, their innovative approaches, and their contributions to the manufacturing industry at large.

36ZERO Vision

Founded by Florian Ziesche and Zeeshan Karamat, 36ZERO Vision offers an AI-powered visual inspection system that is designed to identify and resolve a wide array of manufacturing quality problems. It operates at the intersection of artificial intelligence, computer vision, industrial automation, machine learning, and manufacturing.

Deutsche Aircraft

Deutsche Aircraft, a prominent aircraft manufacturer, is carving its niche in the aerospace industry. It harnesses the power of clean energy and green tech to enhance air transportation, innovative management, manufacturing, technical support, and training.

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Traton stands out in the automotive industry as a manufacturer of commercial vehicles. Its overarching goal is to revolutionize transportation and, in doing so, redefine the future of the automotive and manufacturing businesses.


Werk24, co-founded by Jochen Mattes, provides AI-powered digitization of technical drawings. This venture lies at the intersection of artificial intelligence, industrial automation, machine learning, and manufacturing.


Navigance, pioneered by Elmar Peters, offers a unique SaaS solution targeted at the chemical industry. It artfully combines analytics, manufacturing, SaaS, and software to better the lives of its clients.


DcubeD, initiated by Thomas Sinn, develops actuators and deployable structures, especially for nano-satellites and commercial space industry. It exemplifies the fusion of manufacturing and satellite communication in an innovative manner.


up2parts is a digital contract manufacturing and mechanical engineering company that stands firmly in the realm of information services, information technology, and manufacturing.


Co-founded by Caroline Albert, nebumind offers manufacturers a software solution that collects and visualizes manufacturing data, blending aspects of information services, information technology, manufacturing, and software.


Plus10 develops artificial intelligence software solutions for optimizing highly automated production lines. Plus10 operates in the artificial intelligence, machinery manufacturing, and software industries.


Sahlberg is a prominent supplier of technical products, factory equipment, and occupational safety. They have carved their niche in the manufacturing and technical support sectors.

Esterer WD

Esterer WD specializes in manufacturing original tools and components. Their forte is revamping manufacturing, mechanical design, and engineering practices.

RSJ Software

The RSJ Software team offers solutions like heterogeneous systems, label printing, 3D packing, and barcode services, thus solidifying its space in the manufacturing, point of sale, and software niches.

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exaas, initiated by Jonas Bergert and Tobias Schneider, is a manufacturing organization focussed on making mechanical parts. It solidifies its hold in the manufacturing, mechanical engineering, and service industry fields.


Robert Hilmer’s venture Easy2Parts introduces artificial intelligence for purchasing manufacturing parts. This startup spans the realms of artificial intelligence, information technology, machine learning, manufacturing, software, and web development.


Hydrotec is dedicated to water treatment technology and equipment manufacturing. They have made significant strides in the manufacturing, water, and water purification industries.

These 15 startups are redefining the face of the manufacturing industry in Bayern, reinforcing its image as a hub of technological innovation and quality production. Their diversity and scope serve to underline the immense potential and innovative streak of this industrious region of Germany.

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