Startup Showcase: TakeGuru – Unleashing Global Adventures Through Active Hobbies

Connecting Travelers with Local Experts for Memorable Experiences

Imagine you’re in a foreign country, looking to explore new passions or continue your active hobbies. You want to connect with local experts who can guide you, but finding the right instructors can be a challenge. This is where TakeGuru comes into play. In this Startup Showcase, we’ll explore TakeGuru, a pioneering online marketplace that facilitates unforgettable experiences by connecting travelers with local experts in various fields.

TakeGuru: Your Gateway to Global Adventures

TakeGuru isn’t just an online marketplace; it’s a bridge that connects people visiting foreign countries with local experts who can help them pursue or start active hobbies. Whether you’re into action sports, yoga, body training, or mental wellness, TakeGuru has a wide range of short-term courses and experiences waiting for you.

The Traveler’s Dilemma

Every year, millions of people travel abroad for various reasons—vacation, business, education. A significant percentage of these travelers are eager to connect with local leisure activity providers and experts to embark on a new hobby or enhance their skills. However, finding the right experts in an unfamiliar place can be challenging. TakeGuru solves this dilemma by making the process easy and accessible.

Unlocking New Adventures

TakeGuru’s platform allows users to choose and book single lessons or time-fixed packages. It’s not just about the lessons; TakeGuru offers additional services like transfers, accommodations, and animations to ensure a seamless experience. Moreover, users can receive advice on what activities are available at their chosen destination.

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Mission and Impact

TakeGuru’s mission is simple yet powerful: to enable individuals with active hobbies to pursue their passions anywhere in the world. By connecting them with verified and experienced local instructors, TakeGuru helps people enhance their physical and mental skills while traveling. It’s a win-win situation, as it also empowers local instructors to attract international customers and grow their businesses.

A Proven Track Record

TakeGuru’s journey began in Lisbon, Portugal, where it participated in the Beta-I acceleration program in December 2015. The startup’s business model was refined with the guidance of experienced mentors and customer development interviews. It officially launched its platform and showcased its services at the Fast Track Lisbon Summit on December 4, 2015. Since then, TakeGuru has witnessed impressive growth, with traffic increasing by 25% per week.


TakeGuru is not just a startup; it’s a gateway to global adventures. By connecting travelers with local experts in various fields, it’s transforming the way people explore their passions while abroad. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or looking to start a new hobby, TakeGuru is your trusted companion.


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