Startup Showcase: TimeFlip – Revolutionizing Time and Workflow Management

The Ultimate Solution to Simplify Your Productivity Tracking

In a world where productivity apps and software solutions seem to complicate our lives rather than simplify them, TimeFlip emerges as a refreshing and user-friendly solution. TimeFlip is more than just a startup; it’s a game-changer in the time and workflow management industry. In this Startup Showcase, we’ll dive into the innovative world of TimeFlip and explore how it’s redefining the way we track and manage our time.

TimeFlip: The Ultimate Productivity Tracker

TimeFlip is not your typical time management app or software tool. It’s an IoT (Internet of Things) solution designed to make time and workflow management incredibly simple and user-friendly. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the myriad time-tracking apps and tools available, TimeFlip is here to simplify your life.

The Founders’ Journey

The TimeFlip journey began with its founders, who had extensive experience in contracting and outsourcing various types of work, from software development to industrial design, video production, web design, and more. They witnessed the multitude of time and workflow management tools used by their collaborators and themselves, and they saw a gap in the market for a universal solution that was easy to use and adopt.

The TimeFlip Solution

The core of TimeFlip is a physical dodecahedron with a tiny accelerometer inside. This smart device can detect its orientation and records the time based on how you position it. To track your activities or tasks, all you need to do is flip TimeFlip so that the corresponding side representing your current task is facing up. The embedded chip sends a signal over Bluetooth to an app on your phone, effortlessly tracking your time.

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You can use TimeFlip to track various activities, such as time spent on projects, clients, specific tasks, or processes. The collected time statistics are stored securely in the cloud, and you can easily visualize them through the app or web interface. You can even export this data for further analysis or invoicing. Additionally, you can prioritize activities or set them as billable in your desired currency.

Impressive Traction and Future Plans

As of February 2019, TimeFlip had already gained more than 4,500 clients worldwide. The startup had also secured distribution agreements in the USA, UAE, and Russia, with plans to expand into France and Germany. TimeFlip holds certifications from CE, FCC, and TRA, and it boasts a registered trademark.

Looking ahead, TimeFlip is gearing up for a PRO version, catering to the corporate market and allowing easy integrations with third-party software. The team is also working on implementing machine learning-enabled data analytics to provide valuable insights and productivity recommendations. To achieve these ambitious goals, TimeFlip is actively seeking the next round of seed-level funding.


TimeFlip is not just a startup; it’s a solution to a common problem we all face in our increasingly hectic lives. It simplifies time and workflow management, allowing you to focus on what truly matters. Say goodbye to the clutter of productivity apps and embrace the simplicity of TimeFlip.


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