Which Hessen IT Startups Are Revolutionising Germany’s Tech Scene in 2023?

In Germany, Hessen is swiftly growing into a tech hub, becoming a hotspot for Information Technology (IT) startups. Its vibrant ecosystem and central location bolster an innovative spirit, enabling numerous IT startups to rise and empower the economy. This time, we turn our focus to Hessen, where a fresh breed of innovative IT startups are laying the bedrock for a technology-rich future. Let’s dive straight into 15 amazing IT startups from Hessen:

tokentus investment AG

As a venture capital investor for blockchain-based business models, tokentus is deeply invested in the future of finance. Founded by Oliver Michel, tokentus is dedicated to promoting blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and financial services in Hessen.


Cloudflight.io is a new generation digital service provider championing cloud management and IT. Offering consulting, solutions, and managed services, the company helps clients leverage the power of the cloud for business optimization and innovation.

Pexon Consulting

Specializing in hybrid cloud, software development, database, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) migration, DevOps, and IT infrastructure services, Pexon Consulting carves a niche in IT service. Founded by Paul Niebler and Phillip Duc Duy PHAM, this company is creating game-changing solutions for corporations seeking digital advancement.


Feeding into the hospitality industry, GauVendi is an IT firm providing a specialized sales and revenue system. The company leverages IT to digitize and streamline the processes involved in the hospitality business.

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Framence, co-created by Adrian Merkel and Peter Merkel, is an imaging platform offering designs to create three-dimensional images of buildings and systems. With a fusion of IT, construction, and graphic design, Framence is changing the area of smart building technologies.


Proptech startup Ophigo is devising ways to find, create, and manage the ideal workspace through phenomenal technology and service. Co-founders Suprith Reddy and Valerio Siviero are driving the enterprise to new heights with their innovative take on IT and Real Estate.


Axytos provides businesses with a modular API-based platform for managing their full client financial lifetime. The company optimizes accounting, billing, and financial services processes using information technology.


Fiovex is an IT service-based company that drives business development through its software solutions. As a progressive startup, Fiovex is reshaping the IT industry by continuously learning and implementing the latest technological trends.


VideoBakers offers motion pictures and film services. They focus primarily on advertising and animation, combining it with IT to create compelling, innovative video content.


VisualOrbit serves as an enterprise-grade zero code digitalization platform. The company provides a route towards seamless business development alongside a commitment to information technology and software.

Dark Analytics

Dark Analytics provides consulting services on the topic of information security, primarily in the financial services sector. They deliver a balance between IT and financial services, offering solutions that enhance security while maintaining the integrity of financial systems.

Harrington HPC Microsystems

Harrington HPC Microsystems offer High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions and annual maintenance for enterprise customers. Through their expert consulting and cutting-edge IT solutions, they ensure both software and hardware are optimized for high performance.

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Founded by Michael H. Hoffmann, MH-Computersysteme offers training in IT and network technology organizations. By merging consulting and IT services, they provide high-quality solutions and training to a wide array of tech-focused companies.


Sphira, a company co-founded by Bennet Jeutter, Levent Valente, and Robin Huse, operates with a focus on Augmented Reality (AR), building maintenance, and facility management. Through its SaaS and mobile app offerings, Sphira harnesses the power of AR to deliver stunning visual experiences for businesses and consumers alike.

OvO – Online vor Ort

Cofounded by Dmitri Jivitski, OvO – Online vor Ort stands as the all-in-one software and delivery solution for modern classic retail. By amalgamating e-commerce, last mile transportation, and software, it provides a comprehensive solution for retail in the era of digital transformation.

Inspiring and daring, these 15 Hessen-based IT startups are proving that the region is more than just a traditional economic powerhouse. They have stepped up to reiterate that innovation and adaptability are at the heart of Hessen’s booming startup scene. It is with eager anticipation that we look forward to witnessing their future contributions to the global tech-space.

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