Which Consulting Startups are Rewriting Portugal’s Business Landscape in 2023?

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Renowned for its historic charm and stunning coastline, Portugal is much more than a popular tourist destination. It is steadily establishing itself as a dynamic startup hub in Europe. Here, we take a closer look at some of the blossoming consulting startups that are making waves in the industry, from human resources and real estate to IT and software development.

These burgeoning enterprises demonstrate Portugal’s knack for innovation and adaptability in the fast-evolving consulting sector. They are creating fresh solutions to age-old problems while carving out new territories where none previously existed. Let’s dive into the Portuguese startup scene and explore these ambitious companies striving to leave their mark on the world.

Plan your personalized excursion through the flourishing fields of much-promising consulting startups, each with its unique edge and area of expertise, ready to reshape and disrupt traditional markets.

Lisbon Tech Guide

Founded by André Fatia and Sebastião Queiroz e Mello, Lisbon Tech Guide is a consulting startup that helps businesses expand and manage their teams in Portugal. They operate in the Employee Benefits and Professional Services industries.


In the Real Estate and Property Management spheres, ZOME provides consultation, investment sales, and property management services for buyers and investors. This company was founded by Patricia Santos.

Maze X

The Maze X startup accelerator programme, founded by Antonio Miguel, Luís Fonseca, and Rita Casimiro, is dedicated to transforming ambitious impact startups into full-fledged impact unicorns. The company operates in the consulting, impact investing, incubators, and sustainability industries.

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DareData Engineering

Coupling AI and Data Consultation with a Talent Agency service, DareData Engineering was founded by Nuno Bras and Sam Hopkins. Their mission is to resolve data-related problems for enterprises and startups.

Digital Banking Solutions

Specializing in core banking implementation and professional banking solutions, Digital Banking Solutions offers a range of consulting and professional services.


Jorge Moreira and Tiago Bebiano are at the helm of kresk, a healthtech startup that develops healthcare solutions and provides IT consultation services.

B11 Top Talents

B11 Top Talents is a talent services firm operating in the tech industry. Their consulting services are dedicated to helping organizations recruit top-tier talent.


From customer service to digital marketing and digital signage, WOST provides a variety of consultation services. They also specialize in digital storefront display solutions.


Qina, established by Mariette Abrahams, is a unique platform and consultancy that connects companies and frontline practitioners in personalised nutrition.


Focusing on eCommerce, Financial Services, and Software, Paycritical is a consultancy company providing payment solutions. The company was founded by Carlos Duarte de Oliveira, Hugo Hilário, and Luís Mesquita.


Established in 2019, WebTejo provides consulting services in the Web Hosting, Cloud Data Services, and the Internet industry. They are dedicated to providing quality, secure, and stable services at competitive prices.

ASA Accelerator

ASA Accelerator, a startup accelerator located in Algarve, Portugal, was founded by Jorge Cabaço. The company operates in the Angel Investment, Management Consulting, and Venture Capital industries.


In the world of IT consulting and management control, TBMB has stood out under the leadership of founder Rafael Silva.

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DeepNeuronic is a tech startup specializing in building machine learning-based products that resolve and automate everyday problems. The startup operates in the consulting, IT, and professional services industries.

The DeFi Lab

Finally, The DeFi Lab is an information service and consulting company that concentrates on building products, assisting centralized web geeks. They operate in the consulting, information services, and information technology industries.

Each of these startups represent the vibrancy and innovation present in Portugal’s consulting sector. As we continue monitoring their growth, one thing remains crystal: Portugal is steadily becoming a hotspot for thriving startups and innovative ideas.

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