Which Brussels IT Startups Are Significantly Influencing the European Tech Scene?

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Belgium is well-known globally for its rich cultural heritage, amazing chocolates, and historic landmarks. However, beyond this traditional fame, the country is witnessing a vibrant, fast-growing startup scene, especially in Brussels, the capital city. The Information Technology sector, in particular, is seeing a surge in innovative startups and entrepreneurs. This article showcases fifteen of the most intriguing Information Technology startups from Brussels that are reshaping the IT landscape in Europe and beyond. Let’s have a look.


Novable leverages Artificial Intelligence technology to scout startups and innovation. It aims to connect corporates with innovative companies, ensuring seamless transformation and growth. The startup operates in Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, Innovation Management, Machine Learning, and Market Research industries. It was co-founded by Laurent Kinet and Olivier Beaujean.


Tapio is an Environmental Consulting startup that uses Information Technology to battle climate change challenges. It assists companies in transitioning to a low carbon economy. The company was founded by Louis Collinet and Nathan Clarke.

Lilo Health

Lilo Health offers health technology solutions specifically designed for chronic diseases. Alexandra Bendicakova co-founded the company, operating in the Business Intelligence, Health Care, and Information Technology sectors.


Pioneered by Benoît Decoene, Christophe Castan, and Emile Fyon, Penbox is redefining how individuals gather information and documents. It operates in the Information Services, Information Technology, and Software domains.


AiVidens is an IT startup specializing in Predictive Cash and Risk Management. It assists organizations in strategically managing risk using AI technology. The founding team consists of Edouard Beauvois and Nicolas Mertens.

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Co-founded by Axel Royer, Staizen offers product design, digital strategy, development, and consulting services, driving innovation in Consulting, Information Technology, and Product Design sectors.


Novutech is a Brussels-based startup that implements, optimizes, and supports NetSuite. It operates in various sectors, including Accounting, Business Development, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Resource Planning, Finance, and IT.


Medicasure operates in the healthcare IT sector. It coordinates patient care pathways using its medical intelligence platform.


Ush is an IT company that offers technology solutions for autonomous vehicles, including shared autonomous shuttles.


Skipr is a SaaS startup offering innovative mobility solutions for professionals. The company, founded by Mathieu de Lophem and Toby Allen, can be visited at skipr.co.


LetsBuild is a digital platform that provides end-to-end solutions for the construction phase. It was started by Gari Nickson, Klaus Nyengaard, and Nikolaj Berntsen.


Founded by the trio Charles-Axel Pauwels, Hans Pauwels, and Henri-Jérôme Pauwels, Tappable helps users build websites with a unique Instagram Stories feel. It operates in Advertising, Information Technology, SaaS, and Software domains.

Raise & Shine

Crowdfunding startup Raise & Shine, founded by Thomas Carton de Wiart, offers solutions for crowd fundraising with the aid of Information technology.

Howdy Partners

Howdy Partners delivers mobile applications that connect those needing items moved with truck owners willing to help. The startup was co-founded by Jonathan Leroy and Mouhcine Snoussi.

Rentaga S.R.L.

Rentaga is a digital platform that connects users with construction machines and equipment rentals. It was founded by Hanne Kühl Hejgaard, Jacques Valskenaere, and Junaid Jalap.

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From big changes like tackling climate change and enhancing healthcare to simple solutions like connecting people and truck-owners, these Brussels-based ICT startups represent the breadth of the city’s startup scene. These companies are at the forefront of transforming how we interact with technology, showing promise in shaping an innovative and sustainable future for all.

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