Which Austrian Apps Startups are Transforming the Tech Landscape in EU?

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With an impressive roster of tech-savvy entrepreneurs and a rich history in engineering, Austria has been gaining steady momentum in the startup scene in recent years. In this piece, we put the spotlight on 15 remarkable Austrian app startups working across a range of sectors, from women’s health care to digital marketing and artificial intelligence. These young companies have garnered attention not just for their innovative solutions, but also for their potential to change the way we engage with technology.

From no-code funnel builders to skin cancer detection apps, these startups leverage cutting-edge tech to complement their products and services. Despite their diverse industries, their dedication to addressing modern-day challenges with innovative solutions is consistent. Let’s now give the floor to these breakthrough startups that are making strides in their respective industries, starting with a fascinating health tech startup, FetoLife Science.

FetoLife Science

FetoLife Science is a women’s health company that provides digital solutions for pregnancy health risks. They are active in the intersectional fields of Apps, Health Care, Medical, mHealth, Personal Health, and Women’s health. Co-founded by Dr. A. Aisha Tramontana, Julian Molitor, and Khalid Ouaamar, the company is dedicated to facilitating safer pregnancies and improving the level of care provided to women during this crucial life stage.


In the world of digital marketing, involve.me stands out as a no-code funnel builder firm. Their innovative platform allows businesses to create quizzes, forms, surveys, calculators, and payment pages without having to code. Co-founded by Florian Burmann, Stefan Rasch, and Vlad Gozman, involve.me is greatly contributing to the modernization of content marketing, lead generation, and e-commerce sectors.

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Celantur offers unique solutions in mobile, indoor and drone mapping, as well as automotive and ADAS parking. Their groundbreaking work in the IT, Mobile Apps, Software, Software Engineering sectors has been co-driven by founders Alexander Petkov and Boyang Xia. Through their offerings, Celantur is reconfiguring how we view and interact with the world.


Providing digital identity consultancy and API services, Progeny is a fintech startup at the forefront of cryptographic technology. Founded by Roland Trimmel, the company offers authentication and payment solutions based on a generic “Face ID” feature for bolstering security and convenience.


SkinScreener is a revolutionary app designed to assess the risk of skin cancer. Founded by Michael Tripolt, this health tech startup combines mobile technology and artificial intelligence to help users detect possible skin abnormalities at the earliest stage.


Addressing pressing issues in software development, BugBattle, led by founder Lukas Böhler, provides a unique bug reporting tool for developers. Their application highlights any troubleshooting issues on websites, apps, and industrial applications, thus streamlining the bug-fixing process.

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