Which are Barcelona’s Most Influential Biotechnology Startups in 2023?

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Barcelona, the cosmopolitan capital of Spain’s Catalonia region, is famed not only for its art and architecture but also for its bustling biotechnology startup scene. Catalonian biotech startups have been turning heads globally thanks to their innovative ideas and solutions that aim to revolutionize healthcare, wellness, beauty, and more.

With Barcelona becoming an important hub for biotech, let’s delve into some of the most promising startups, their founders, and the impact they are making in the biotech world.

From developing cutting-edge treatments for unresolved medical needs to creating innovative strategies for early diagnosis, these startups are shaping a better, healthier future. So, sit back and read on, as we take you on a whirlwind tour of Barcelona’s thriving biotech startup scene!


Founded by Jordi Carrera and Rafel Bru, DeepUll is a biotech startup that is focused on developing a new diagnostic system for diagnosing the early stages of sepsis. The company strives to make a significant contribution in the life sciences industry, and their efforts are aimed towards saving lives by making early and accurate diagnosis easier.

Ona Therapeutics

Co-founded by Salvador Aznar Benitah and Valerie Vanhooren, Ona Therapeutics is a startup that focuses on discovery and development of therapeutic biologics to treat metastatic cancer. The company’s efforts coincide with the health care and life science sector, thereby affirming its commitment to bettering health standards globally.

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Roka Furadada

Under the leadership of Judit Camargo, Roka Furadada strives to reduce the incidence of skin cancer. The company focuses on research, development, and production of active ingredients in beauty, biotech, and cosmetics sectors, showing great promise in reducing skin cancer rates.

Connecta Therapeutics

Founded by Jordi Fabrega and Josep Prous, Connecta Therapeutics develops new treatment methodologies for unresolved medical needs of the central nervous system in the healthcare, medical, and neuroscience sectors.

Kintsugi Therapeutics

Founded by Carmen Herrero and Marc Cusachs, Kintsugi Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical startup that focuses on developing innovative therapies in the medical and pharmaceutical sector.

Bioinspired Materials

Co-founded by Carlos Rodriguez-Caso, Javier Macia and Ramón Farré-Escofet, Bioinspired Materials is a biotech startup affiliated with the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. They work to create groundbreaking products in the life science sector.

INBRAIN Neuroelectronics

INBRAIN Neuroelectronics, pioneered by Anton Guimera, Carolina Aguilar, and Jose Garrido, is a bioelectronics company that works with graphene to fabricate the least invasive and most intelligent neural interfaces. They operate in the biotechnology, consumer electronics, and medical device industries.


Founded by Claire Ponsford, John Bethell, and Simon Knowles, LUKA BIO is an executive search firm that helps European life science startups recruit early employees to drive growth. They operate in the biotechnology, life science, medical device, and recruiting sectors.


Under the guidance of founders Lluis Serrano and Maria Lluch Senar, Pulmobiotics works as a pre-clinical life sciences company in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors.

Libre Foods

Founded by Alan Iván Ramos, Libre Foods is a biotech startup working towards creating a free food system. Their efforts are aimed at revolutionizing the life science and wellness sectors.

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Accure Therapeutics

Co-founded by Laurent Nguyen Cong Duc and Pablo Villoslada, Accure Therapeutics is a private pharma R&D company working in the CNS field. The company is known for their significant contributions to the healthcare and therapeutics sector.


Founded by Gloria Sancliments and Meritxell Teixido, Gate2Brain is a biotech company dedicated to improving drug delivery with their peptide-based patented technology. They play an important role in the biotech and medical sectors.

NIMBLE Diagnostics

NIMBLE Diagnostics is a technological organization that offers services related to biotech research activities. Their innovative biopharma, biotechnology, and life science solutions are designed to reshape the biotech research landscape.

Gyala Therapeutics

Established by Claudio Santos, Gyala Therapeutics is a startup focused on developing new CAR-T therapies for treating hematological malignancies. Through their work in the biotechnology, life science and therapeutics industries, they aim to bring forward better treatment options for these diseases.

FrontWave Imaging

FrontWave Imaging, co-founded by Josep de la Puente, Susana Castel, and Òscar Calderón Agudo, is a developer of supercomputing software that helps with the diagnosis of breast cancer. Operating in the biotechnology, medical, medical device, and software sectors, this startup is harnessing the power of technology to revolutionize health diagnostics.

In conclusion, Barcelona, with its vibrant entrepreneurial climate and world-class research institutions, is a hotbed for biotech startups. These companies, with their innovative solutions, are not just putting Barcelona on the global biotech map, but also demonstrating the potential of cutting-edge technology in addressing healthcare’s vast and varied challenges.

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