What Are Paris’ Most Influential Blockchain Startups Transforming the Industry?

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Paris, as well-known for its cultural heritage as its innovation ecosystem, has emerged as the hub of blockchain technology within the European Union over the last few years. This burgeoning ecosystem is being driven by a number of disruptors that have captivated blockchain enthusiasts across the globe. Here, we spotlight 15 impressive blockchain startups that are not only reshaping their respective industries but also proving Paris’s merit as a force within the tech world.

The France-based startups range from distributed cloud platforms to consulting firms, all harnessing the power of blockchain technology. Their end goal? To provide a digital, transparent, and secure way of conducting everyday transactions. The diverse applications of blockchain they deliver also challenge the misconception that the technology’s use is limited to finance and cryptocurrencies.

In this city of lights, these startups are harnessing the transformative power of blockchain to bridge the gap between technocrats and visionaries. So, let’s shed light on these Parisian innovators and how they’re making an impact on the global tech scene.


Aleph.im is a distributed cloud platform that offers next-gen serverless computing services, file storage and database hosting to its users. The Berlin-based startup, co-founded by Jonathan Schemoul, leverages the power of blockchain to redefine the norms of the cloud computing industry.

Numeric Technology

As a part of the digital transformation wave, Numeric Technology focuses on implementation and redesigning infrastructures onto the cloud. They are making strides in the industries of artificial intelligence, big data, and blockchain technology.

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Blockchain EZ

Understanding and implementing blockchain technologies can be a daunting task, but not with Blockchain EZ. The consulting firm, co-founded by Florent Tragni, helps businesses integrate the benefits of blockchain into their workflow seamlessly.

O21 Group

O21 creates a multi-currency, instant, secure, and carbon-neutral payment system by employing blockchain technology. It serves as a testament to the practical potential of blockchain in the financial services sector.


Archipels leverages blockchain technology to establish an identity management system. Founded by Hervé Bonazzi, it functions as a certification and verification platform, redefining the standards of the information technology industry.

Magna Numeris

With the goal of bringing blockchain to the sharing economy, Magna Numeris is applying this tech to create a more efficient, transparent, and reliable system for peer-to-peer transactions.


The multi-disciplinary web3 social network of artists, N8, uses blockchain to bring crowds, event organizers, and artists together. Co-founded by Etienne Lamotte, Florian Buffard, and Grégoire Davoudian, N8 is revolutionizing the event management industry.


Bringing in advancements in Homomorphic Encryption for a more private internet, Zama, co-founded by Pascal Paillier and Rand Hindi, amalgamates blockchain with cybersecurity.


Sybel.io is a revolutionary Web3 content app and ecosystem. Co-founded by Matthieu Viala and Virginie Maire, it incorporates Creator-Fi, Social-Fi, and Game-Fi elements within its network.


LAEKA enhances pet security by offering GPS devices for dog owners. By integrating blockchain with the internet of things, this startup is redefining the security industry.


Kifwat Immo is an online real estate marketplace that brings together the powers of the Web and blockchain technology to offer a secure, easy-to-use platform for sharing information about homes and real estate.

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Embracing the potential of blockchain to reinvent digital services, Adan stands tall amongst the new digital-age pioneers in France.


Offering robust wallet infrastructure for Web3, Dfns has positioned itself at the intersection of blockchain, cybersecurity, and fintech. The startup, co-founded by Christopher Grilhault des Fontaines, Clarisse Hagege, and Nore Rinnesjö-Eckerberg, is addressing the current security concerns associated with cryptocurrency wallets.

Request Finance

Providing a platform for conducting all crypto transactions in one place, the Request Finance team, led by Christophe Lassuyt, Julien Devoir, and Yoann Marion, demonstrates the versatility of blockchain for finance and fintech.

Morpho Labs

Morpho serves as an on-chain peer-to-peer layer on top of lending pools, thereby bringing blockchain’s potential to the fintech world to foster peer-to-peer transactions.

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