Unveiling the Future: Disruptive Real Estate Startups in Paris, Ile-de-France

Exploring innovative real estate startups revolutionizing the property landscape in the heart of France.


Paris, known as the City of Light, is not only a hub of culture and art but also a breeding ground for groundbreaking startups. In the bustling ecosystem of Ile-de-France, a new generation of real estate startups is reshaping the way we buy, rent, and manage properties. From financial solutions for aspiring homeowners to tech-driven property management platforms, these 15 startups in Paris are transforming the real estate industry with their innovative ideas and disruptive technologies. In this article, we highlight some of the most exciting real estate startups that are revolutionizing the property landscape in the capital of France.


Virgil offers a unique financial solution to assist individuals in purchasing their dream homes. By combining technology and real estate expertise, Virgil provides accessible financing options that empower aspiring homeowners to turn their dreams into reality. With Virgil, the path to homeownership becomes clearer and more attainable.


Bellman empowers property managers with cutting-edge technology and services to streamline their operations and provide fast, transparent services to property owners. With innovative tools and a focus on efficiency, Bellman revolutionizes property management, creating a seamless experience for both property managers and owners.


Iroko introduces a simple, transparent, and socially responsible real estate savings solution. By leveraging technology and financial expertise, Iroko offers a platform that allows individuals to save and invest in real estate with ease. With Iroko, investing in real estate becomes accessible to a wider audience.

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Mokki embraces the circular economy by creating a one-stop destination for reselling, donating, and recycling items. With a focus on sustainable consumption, Mokki encourages individuals to contribute to a more environmentally conscious society while also promoting a vibrant secondhand market. Mokki makes sustainable living the new norm.


Metafore provides professionals with unique spaces for seminars and corporate events. By offering versatile and inspiring venues, Metafore enhances the experience of corporate gatherings, fostering creativity and collaboration. From conference rooms to creative spaces, Metafore helps companies make a lasting impression.


Gridky specializes in buying and selling properties while providing rental security, easy resale options, and rental profitability services. By leveraging their expertise in real estate investment, Gridky enables individuals to navigate the property market with confidence and achieve their investment goals.


SnapDesk creates and operates flexible offices designed specifically for companies with 15 to 250 employees. By combining functionality and flexibility, SnapDesk offers tailored workspace solutions that adapt to the evolving needs of growing businesses. With SnapDesk, companies can focus on their core activities while enjoying a supportive and collaborative work environment.


Bunji leverages artificial intelligence and targeted marketing to help real estate professionals reach out to customers effectively. Their web software empowers professionals to optimize their marketing efforts and build meaningful connections with potential clients. With Bunji, real estate professionals can unlock the full potential of AI-driven marketing strategies.


Agrid offers a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for building energy optimization. By utilizing advanced technology, Agrid helps property owners and managers optimize energy consumption and reduce environmental impact. With Agrid, buildings become more sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective.

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Spliit provides an online project management tool that simplifies leasing and subletting of office spaces for companies of all sizes. By streamlining the process, Spliit enables businesses to maximize their space utilization and create collaborative work environments. With Spliit, companies can optimize their office spaces and enhance productivity.


Build2b is an internet marketplace that connects construction and real estate freelancers with projects. By providing a platform for freelancers to showcase their expertise and connect with potential clients, Build2b revolutionizes the way construction and real estate professionals collaborate. With Build2b, finding the right talent for construction projects becomes seamless.


Kize is a real estate transaction company that specializes in property investment services. With their industry knowledge and expertise, Kize assists individuals in making informed investment decisions and guides them throughout the transaction process. With Kize, investing in real estate becomes a smoother and more rewarding experience.


Vizzit offers a real estate search facility powered by artificial intelligence. Their platform intelligently aggregates real estate sites and property ads, providing users with a comprehensive and personalized search experience. With Vizzit, finding the perfect property becomes faster, easier, and more intuitive.


Cassian is developing a best-in-class investment management, asset management, and development services company tailored for the French real estate market. With a focus on excellence and innovation, Cassian aims to deliver exceptional services that meet the evolving needs of the industry. With Cassian, investors and developers can unlock the full potential of their real estate projects.


FaciliCiti is a real estate solutions firm that provides property and rental management services through their innovative application. By leveraging technology, FaciliCiti streamlines property management processes, making it easier for property owners to manage their properties and enhance tenant experiences. With FaciliCiti, property management becomes efficient and hassle-free.

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