Unleashing Barcelona’s IT Innovators: Exploring the Next Generation of Technology Startups


Barcelona, the bustling capital of Catalonia, is not only renowned for its rich culture and breathtaking architecture but also for its thriving startup ecosystem. In the heart of this vibrant city, a new generation of Information Technology (IT) startups is emerging, driving technological advancements and disrupting traditional industries. From artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to digital marketplaces, these 15 startups in Barcelona are revolutionizing the IT landscape with their innovative ideas and groundbreaking technologies. In this article, we shine a spotlight on some of the most intriguing IT startups that are shaping the future of Barcelona’s tech scene.


Talentfy is a game-changing marketplace connecting companies with freelance IT recruiters. Leveraging AI, Talentfy matches businesses with the top three recruiters who best fit their needs, streamlining the recruitment process and ensuring the perfect talent match.


Datavision provides an AI Ops platform that combines log analytics, application performance management (APM), and cybersecurity solutions. By harnessing the power of machine learning, Datavision enables organizations to gain valuable insights, optimize performance, and enhance security.

Lifull Connect

Lifull Connect is a global marketplace group that empowers individuals to make significant life decisions. With a diverse range of online platforms, Lifull Connect assists users in finding their dream homes, ideal jobs, and other life-changing opportunities.

Aimentia HealthTech

Aimentia HealthTech introduces an AI platform designed to revolutionize the field of mental health. By leveraging artificial intelligence, Aimentia HealthTech supports professionals and patients in this new era of mental healthcare, facilitating personalized and accessible treatment.

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Adevinta Spain

Adevinta Spain is a digital marketplace specialist comprising a family of local digital brands. With a deep understanding of the digital landscape, Adevinta Spain connects buyers and sellers, creating seamless online experiences for various market segments.


MatchTrial offers a mobile-based application that simplifies clinical trial management. By digitizing and streamlining the process, MatchTrial enhances efficiency, accelerates research, and improves collaboration within the clinical trial ecosystem.


Foxter is a digital consulting company that specializes in data management, CRM, and strategic management. With their expertise, Foxter empowers organizations to optimize their operations, enhance customer relationships, and drive strategic growth.

The Scouting App

The Scouting App is a football scouting software that revolutionizes player analysis and talent identification. With comprehensive football scouting analysis tools, The Scouting App supports clubs, coaches, and scouts in making informed decisions and discovering new talent.

Agile Logistics

Agile Logistics is a delivery company catering to the needs of e-commerce businesses and retailers. With their efficient and reliable delivery services, Agile Logistics ensures seamless and timely shipments, facilitating the growth of online businesses.


Wedid is a startup support platform that offers investment, digital marketing, and other assistance solutions. With a focus on helping entrepreneurs, Wedid provides the necessary resources and expertise to fuel business growth and success.


Kloogo is a groundbreaking matchmaking application connecting startups with job seekers. By leveraging technology, Kloogo facilitates meaningful connections, fostering collaboration and talent acquisition in the vibrant startup ecosystem.


Opin is an online platform that brings transparency to supply chains by tracking and authenticating every step of the delivery process. By ensuring the integrity of e-commerce deliveries, Opin instills trust and confidence in online shoppers.

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Oxigent specializes in software and electronic hardware product development. With their expertise in embedded software and mobile app development, Oxigent assists businesses in transforming their ideas into cutting-edge technological solutions.


iSeolator is a technology-driven company offering a comprehensive range of SEO services. From audits to campaigns, iSeolator utilizes advanced techniques to enhance online visibility, driving organic growth for businesses.


Cyberbots is a blockchain-based threat intelligence marketplace focused on protecting against cyber attacks. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology, Cyberbots provides enhanced security solutions, safeguarding organizations from evolving threats.

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