Unveiling the Digital Innovators of Baden-Wurttemberg: Exploring the Information Technology Startups Shaping the Future

Discover the dynamic landscape of information technology startups in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, where cutting-edge solutions and technological advancements redefine industries.

Welcome to Baden-Wurttemberg, a region known for its rich entrepreneurial ecosystem and groundbreaking innovations in information technology. In this article, we will dive into the vibrant startup scene of Baden-Wurttemberg, exploring 15 fascinating IT startups that are driving digital transformation, revolutionizing industries, and paving the way for a technology-driven future. Join us as we delve into their stories, uncover their unique offerings, and witness the remarkable impact they are making in the world of information technology.

HighLine Technology

HighLine Technology leads the way in the development and commercialization of highly efficient dispensing technology. With their innovative solutions, they enhance manufacturing processes, driving efficiency and accuracy in various industries.


STACKIT, the digital brand of Schwarz IT, is part of Europe’s largest retail group, including renowned brands such as Lidl, Kaufland, and PreZero. Their expertise lies in providing cutting-edge IT solutions to optimize operations and drive innovation within the retail sector.


NC-Vision offers production tracking and controlling software, empowering businesses to optimize their operations, enhance efficiency, and gain valuable insights into their manufacturing processes.

elevait GmbH & Co. KG

elevait is an AI company focused on digitizing and automating administrative processes. Their AI-based product suite streamlines operations, enabling businesses to optimize productivity and efficiency.


auvisus specializes in developing AI-based self-checkout solutions for the food industry. Their technical expertise and innovative solutions revolutionize the customer experience, improving efficiency and convenience.

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apprat provides mobile app development, web development, and web design services without coding. Their platform empowers businesses and individuals to create custom applications and websites with ease.


PROXESS offers document management solutions, including digital archiving and streamlined document processes. Their software optimizes information management, ensuring secure and efficient document handling.

Ailo IT GmbH

Ailo-IT is a Salesforce implementation partner catering to small and medium-sized companies and startups in Germany and Switzerland. Their expertise in Salesforce drives digital transformation and helps businesses harness the power of CRM solutions.


Extheria combines technologies such as IoT, printed electronics, and artificial intelligence to create trusted digital reflections. Their innovative solutions enable secure and efficient supply chain management.


d-force develops digital advertising technology for end-to-end management of cross-channel programmatic video campaigns. Their platform empowers businesses to optimize their video advertising strategies and drive impactful results.

S4 Consulting

S4 Consulting offers IT consultancy and web development services, providing businesses with tailored solutions to enhance their digital presence and optimize their operations.

Brandeis Digital

Brandeis Digital provides a wide range of information technology services, including cloud security, cybersecurity, and digital marketing solutions. Their expertise helps businesses navigate the digital landscape securely and effectively.


innoLABvation is a software development and consulting firm, offering customized solutions to businesses across industries. Their expertise in software development and consulting drives digital innovation and enhances operational efficiency.


YouLife.Rocks offers a social network platform designed specifically for disabled individuals. Their inclusive platform provides a community-driven space for connection, support, and empowerment.


kjur focuses on comparing the supply and demand of medicines for pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Their consulting services assist businesses in optimizing their operations and meeting market demands.

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Embark on a journey of exploration and innovation by visiting the websites of these remarkable startups. Witness firsthand how they are shaping the future of information technology in Baden-Wurttemberg and beyond.

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