Unlocking Insights: Pioneering Analytics Startups Reshaping The Netherlands

Navigating the Data Revolution: A Glimpse into The Netherlands' Analytics Startup Ecosystem

Embark on a journey through the data-driven landscape of The Netherlands, where innovation meets analytics. In this article, we unveil 15 pioneering analytics startups that are harnessing the power of data to reshape industries, drive insights, and unlock new opportunities.

9signals: Merging AI and Graph Technology for Data Excellence

Discover the fusion of Artificial Intelligence and Graph Technology at 9signals. With a focus on data structuring, searching, analysis, and enrichment, 9signals is revolutionizing analytics and unlocking deeper insights.

SurveyAuto: Transforming Surveying with AI and Satellite Imagery

Experience the future of surveying with SurveyAuto, a startup that employs machine learning and satellite imagery to identify survey targets accurately. By tracking enumerators in real-time, SurveyAuto is revolutionizing the surveying landscape.

DataChef: Simplifying Data with Predictive Analytics

At DataChef, the focus is on simplifying data through Data Mesh, Data Lake, and Predictive Analytics solutions. With a commitment to demystifying data, DataChef is making analytics accessible and insightful.

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expoze.io: Revolutionizing Image and Video Analytics

Witness the power of AI-powered eye-tracking at expoze.io. This platform can analyze images and videos with astonishing accuracy in minutes, transforming the fields of advertising, marketing, and product design.

Tracey: Enabling Smart Parcel Monitoring through Analytics

Meet Tracey, an online platform that utilizes advanced data analytics to monitor parcel shipment data. With its innovative approach to analytics, Tracey is streamlining the logistics and supply chain industry.

LITIC: Cloud-Based Analytical Software for Organizations

Explore the world of cloud-based analytical software at LITIC. By developing cutting-edge software, LITIC empowers organizations to harness data insights and make informed decisions.

Unchained Carrot: The Power of Rewards-Based Marketing Analytics

Delve into rewards-based marketing solutions and analytics at Unchained Carrot. Through artificial intelligence and behavioral marketing services, Unchained Carrot is revolutionizing customer engagement.

Qoders: Crafting Custom Solutions in AI and Data Analytics

Discover Qoders, a startup specializing in custom software development, cloud hosting, data analytics, and AI services. By providing tailor-made solutions, Qoders is enhancing business performance.

Chaoly: Navigating the Chinese Data Landscape

Experience Chaoly, a data analytics solution that consolidates and visualizes data from China. With its expertise in analytics, Chaoly is helping businesses make data-driven decisions in the Chinese market.

We Can Track: Empowering Publishers with Analytics Software

At We Can Track, publishers can process and integrate sales data through analytical software. By simplifying data processing, We Can Track is reshaping the publishing industry.

Legalcomplex: Data and Machine Learning for Global Impact

Explore the transformative impact of data and machine learning at Legalcomplex. By focusing on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) factors, Legalcomplex is driving change in the legal and governance landscape.

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Growteq: Advancing CRM, Process Optimization, and BI

Enter the world of CRM, process optimization, and business intelligence with Growteq. Through its expertise in information technology, Growteq is enhancing customer relationships and business efficiency.

Up Analytics: Elevating Online Marketing Measurement

Discover Up Analytics, a marketing consultancy specializing in online marketing measurement. By providing insights into online marketing effectiveness, Up Analytics is shaping the digital marketing landscape.

Biont Research: Illuminating Complex Data Insights

Join Biont Research on a journey of insightful analysis of complex data. With its expertise in environmental consulting and data analysis, Biont Research is uncovering valuable insights.

DJEENI: Transforming Financial Reporting through Data Analytics

Experience the future of financial reporting automation with DJEENI. By specializing in data analytics and visualization services, DJEENI is enhancing financial processes for small and medium businesses.

Embracing Analytics: The Netherlands’ Path to Data-Driven Excellence

These 15 analytics startups are trailblazing the way forward, showcasing the immense potential of data-driven insights. From AI-powered solutions to revolutionary analytics platforms, they are reshaping industries, driving innovation, and leading The Netherlands into a data-driven future.

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