Unleashing the Potential – EU’s Journey Towards Optimal VR Deployment by 2026

Key Takeaways:

  • The VR/AR Industrial Coalition is spearheading efforts to define and achieve optimal deployment of VR/AR technologies in the EU by 2026.
  • Stakeholders from various sectors and parts of the value chain are collaborating to shape the future of VR/AR and discuss key dimensions such as economic impact, market segments, and quality.
  • Maintaining strong performance, boosting interoperability, advancing infrastructure, nurturing digital skills, expanding user base, and ensuring safety and openness are key areas of focus.
  • The coalition’s workshops and reports provide valuable insights into the strategic direction of the EU’s VR/AR ecosystem.


The Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) industry has witnessed significant growth in recent years, transforming the way we experience digital content and interact with our surroundings. Recognizing the potential of VR/AR technologies, the VR/AR Industrial Coalition, in collaboration with the European Commission, has initiated a series of workshops to define and achieve optimal deployment of VR/AR in the EU by 2026. This article explores the insights and goals discussed by the coalition’s participants, shedding light on the exciting future of VR/AR in the European startup ecosystem.

Defining Optimal VR/AR Deployment

During the coalition’s workshops, participants engaged in constructive discussions to determine the parameters and indicators for optimal VR/AR deployment across various dimensions. Key focus areas emerged, encompassing economic impact, market uptake, quality, interoperability, infrastructure, skills development, user base expansion, and safety.

Maintaining Strong Performance

To ensure continued growth and innovation, the VR/AR industry must maintain strong performance by producing tailored industrial applications and compelling creative content. Ethical considerations, such as data privacy, must be at the forefront of application development. Additionally, a sustainable approach that emphasizes environmental benefits is crucial for the industry’s long-term success.

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Boosting Performance

Interoperability plays a vital role in creating equal access to the EU common market. Participants stressed the importance of developing interoperable solutions across member states and industrial sectors. Advancing the deployment of infrastructure, including wireless networks and 5G, is essential to support the seamless functioning of VR/AR technologies. To nurture the future workforce, a focus on digital, creative, and business skills is necessary. Expanding VR/AR literacy and reaching out to new audiences will broaden the user base and unlock the technology’s potential. Furthermore, active involvement in hardware and platform development, including virtual worlds, will empower the EU to be at the forefront of technological advancements. Encouraging the creation and growth of highly innovative and scalable applications by unicorns within the EU ecosystem is crucial for overall industry success. Finally, ensuring the safety, security, and openness of the European digital space is imperative as the VR/AR industry ventures into the virtual worlds’ era.

The Second Workshop’s Insights

The second workshop of the VR/AR Industrial Coalition provided further insights into the optimal deployment of VR/AR in the EU. With participation from diverse sectors and value chain stakeholders, discussions centered around defining indicators and strategies for achieving optimal deployment. A summary report highlighting the key outcomes of the workshop is available, offering valuable information on the strategic direction of the VR/AR ecosystem.

Looking Ahead

The VR/AR Industrial Coalition’s dedication to shaping the future of VR/AR in the EU showcases the region’s commitment to innovation and technological advancement. By fostering collaboration among stakeholders and addressing key dimensions, the coalition aims to unleash the full potential of VR/AR technologies. The workshops and reports produced by the coalition provide invaluable insights into the optimal deployment of VR/AR in the EU by 2026.

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As the EU startup ecosystem continues to embrace VR/AR technologies, these efforts will pave the way for groundbreaking applications and transformative experiences. By nurturing innovation, developing necessary infrastructure, and fostering digital skills, the EU is positioning itself as a global leader in the VR/AR space.

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